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Original Post

Pluggers United is Artisan for Artisan. We discuss ways to promote, what the market is doing, shameless plugs, blogging, cross promotions, and more.

Membership is easy. Convo me and join our Yahoo group.
In the group you can share ideas, links, sales, etc.

What will we do as a team?

Monthly radio show for just the team.

Sharing ideas on promotions.

Team sales.

Charity work.

Sell another team members listing :) Yep, you will try and get a sale for another team member.

As a team member you must do 1 blog post, if you have a blog, about another team member and post it in the Yahoo Group with a link.

As a team we will work together to add to this list.

This group is open to everybody that sells on Etsy. It will be a friendly group and moderators will see to that.

Please post a comment to help keep this thread going.
Blockhead Rod

Posted at 7:26pm Nov 30, 2008 EST


Woot!!! Pluggers United take on the world! Well...maybe not...we'll just have tons of fun together & get a few sales along the way :)

Posted at 8:11pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

Yea watch out world lol

We also have a yahoo group started also

Posted at 8:43pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

getting good at "woots" lol love that Avatar Sew (hee hee)

Posted at 8:50pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

Ok, I clicked my self silly to

Posted at 8:50pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

Woots, courtesy of annette at huckleberryarts, know her?

Posted at 8:51pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

yep she does some interesting work lol , and ....You are
approved woo hoo!!

Did you see I made in Database to add your urls too....

Posted at 8:55pm Nov 30, 2008 EST

I know her I know her

Posted at 8:56pm Nov 30, 2008 EST