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Original Post

Looking for new ways to promote your shops? How about a FREE way to get your shop’s sales or new items out there?

Blockhead Radio blockheadradiolive.com is starting another NEW show on Saturday 12/6. Tune in every Saturday at 5pm EST to hear “The Witching Hours”… where yours truly (me!) will be the hostess with the mostest plugging shops with “Wicked Good Sales”!

For those who have never heard about Blockhead Radio… We’re Artisan for Artisan and we enjoy nothing more than free, shameless promoting!

As always, all participants are encouraged to sign up through www.blogtalkradio.com for a user account so they can listen to the show LIVE and join us in the chat room… because chat is where it’s at! Didn’t make it on this week’s list? No problem, join us in chat and throw up your link!

First 20 to throw up their shop links and specials that they will be running on Saturday get featured!

Also, convo me if you’re interested in participating in a Treasure Hunt! The more shops, the more fun! How will it work? A link to another shop and a graphic that you put in a listing of your choice! Generate some views and possibly some sales! Picture it as a huge chain… Last link in the chain contains the link to a prize! The beginning shop’s thread will be disclosed on the show.

Want to submit a prize for the treasure hunt? It could be one of your creations, a feature on your blog, or a gift certificate to your shop! The possibilities are endless.

Any other questions or comments… hit me up!

Also join the new yahoo group for Blockhead Radio so you can stay up to date with shows, future shows, and ways to promote your shop!

Posted at 10:02am Dec 1, 2008 EST


Another great show is born on Blockhead Radio

Posted at 10:03am Dec 1, 2008 EST

Did I mention it's free??? LOL!

Posted at 10:11am Dec 1, 2008 EST

A great way to reach new and potential customers!

Posted at 10:14am Dec 1, 2008 EST

erin1971 says

Hi! Can I participate? I make felted soap toys and can offer free shipping. :)


Posted at 10:16am Dec 1, 2008 EST

Awesome,erin1971! Of course you can participate :)

Posted at 10:18am Dec 1, 2008 EST

Cute shop craftylittlekitten! Is this the sale you plan on running for this Saturday 12/6 as well?

Posted at 10:19am Dec 1, 2008 EST

Your felted soaps are AWESOME, erin!

Posted at 10:19am Dec 1, 2008 EST

Remember... these are the sales you'll be running on 12/6. Since it's my first show I'm trying to anticipate how much time I'm gonna need to get 20 shops :)

Posted at 10:22am Dec 1, 2008 EST