CPSIA DEADLINE on Feb 10 are you all going OUT OF BIZ for kids stuff?

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Original Post

Friends and ALL makers of products for the under-age 12 set--

WTH are we going to do about THIS????
As of Feb 10, 2009, we are required to have ALL fabrics and materials used in our products safety-tested for lead content by a third party test laboratory. If you sell products for the under-12 age group after Feb 9th you are subject to fines of 100K per the Consumer Products Safety Comission. I heard about this first at ABC Kids this year but had no idea the deadline for selling untested items would be this soon. There are various petitions going as this effectiveloy puts thousands and thousands of small business owners out of business on Feb 10th. And we at Etsy are highly visible sellers. The cost for fabric lead testing at an ASTM-certified test laboratory is too high for any but the largest companies.

Basically, we cannot sell our stuff anywhere, anyhow in the US after Feb 9th, 2009--two MONTHS! So what do we do besides sign a petition? And why haven't I heard anything about this on the forums until now (or have I missed it)?

Here is the link to the petition: www.ipetitions.com/petition/e...SIA/index.html

And it is also being discussed on:

Posted at 1:50pm Dec 1, 2008 EST


The easiest of the above articles to understand is Kathleen Fasanella's post on www.nationalbankruptcyday.com .

Note: you cannot accept certification done by your suppliers (ie Michael miller, Fastnap, Alex Henry, Gutermann ect.) AND if you continue to sell and ever get sued, your insurance will not cover you if your products are not in compliance as of Feb 9.

Here is a list of names at the CPSC where we can appeal and ask for less stringent measures that would not shut us all down: capwiz.com/toyassociation/dbq/officials/agencies/?id=4886&dir=toyas...

Posted at 2:19pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

I don't make kids things at this time, but how does this affect supplies that can possibly be used for kid products? I need to investigate.

Posted at 2:26pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

Good thing for you...a lot of companies that were thinking of branching out are now not going to.

I don't know how it affects the suppliers--I think that they will be required to test their supplies if they supply children's manufacturing companies. The thing is, we can't use the suppliers' certification even if they do get one! We have to go and certify each variation of our product--each component--on its own. And that's about $1000 per dress for me right now.

Posted at 2:32pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

This is scaring the crap out of me. I just started out, and it's going really well. I have plans for making it bigger and moving into wholesale to upscale children's boutiques... But honestly, Feb 10th I'm out of business!

I'll be writing my congressman every day before then though.

Anyone out there who makes anything for anyone under the age of 12 is affected by this!!!

Posted at 9:38pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

Wow, this seems to be going overboard... does fabric actually contain lead?

Posted at 9:41pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

Gosh this is a bit overwhelming! And so very serious! I am just getting started, so I can't let this get in the way of my plans. Maybe I can take this to Score when I go and see if they can help with all of this?

Posted at 9:44pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

weesandy says

As long as you buy and use only certified lead-free materials, it won't be an issue for crafters of children's goods. It's not the crafter that bears the weight of this legislation, but the suppliers of the materials used.

No need to worry, unless you make your own materials. If so, just get them checked and certified. No biggie!

Posted at 9:44pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

DollarShop says

Lobbyists consolidating their market, eliminating the little guy with legislation.

Go figure. Surprise surprise.

Don't waste your time posting on the Etsy message board.

Write to your Congresspeople and Senators. Voice your opinion to those who can actually do something about it.

Posted at 9:45pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

DollarShop says

Checked and certified = expensive. It is actually a biggie.

Posted at 9:47pm Dec 1, 2008 EST