What is ETSY doing about the CPSC deadline on Feb 10th, 2009?

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Original Post

Admin, what is your take on this? Does this put etsy at risk legally to allow those of us who are not lead-certified by a third-party-lab to continue selling products for the under-age-12 demographic?

Will you allow us to continue selling illegally after the 10th?

And is there an Etsy petition going to combat these ridiculous, stringent (but unfortunately true) CPSC regulations?

Posted at 2:58pm Dec 1, 2008 EST


What is this? Do you have link to the story or legislation?

Posted at 3:00pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

idyllhands says

Won't it be up to the seller to not sell if it is illegal?

Posted at 3:00pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

Could you fill us in as much as possible? Links?

Posted at 3:00pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

idyllhands says

Etsy can't get you for copyright infringement, so I think the same would go for this. You're on your own.

Posted at 3:00pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

quirke says

Admin isn't involved in that. It's up to each individual seller to comply with applicable laws. They already have a statement to that effect in the TOS. Nothing has changed for them.

Posted at 3:01pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

crochetgal says

Etsy provides a venue for selling your wares. They do NOT monitor who conforms with what regulations nor can they. There are different regulations for various businesses.. food vendors are expected to have a licienced kitchen but Etsy does not police that either.

If you do not comply with whatever regulations are in place for your own field of work, then I would think that your shop could be held liable.

By law, any clothing mfgr is required to attach fiber content tags to their items for sale and many on Etsy do not do this either...

Posted at 3:03pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

talchen says

would love to get info about that too
any links you can post for us?

Posted at 3:04pm Dec 1, 2008 EST