What is ETSY doing about the CPSC deadline on Feb 10th, 2009?

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talchen says

thank you marionscott77

Posted at 3:09 pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

Sorry, it's supposed to be www.apparelandfootwear.org, not .com !

Posted at 3:14 pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

marymary says

Hi there,

You can find out information about this in our TOU outlined right here under the number 5 heading:


When each seller signs up to sell on Etsy, they agree to these terms and are each responsible for their own items.

From the TOU:

"Restricted Activities: Your Content and your use of Etsy shall not:

5. Contain items that have been identified by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) as hazardous to consumers and therefore subject to a recall."

Thanks for asking,


Posted at 3:21 pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

Krystyna81 says

marking to read later.

Posted at 3:23 pm Dec 1, 2008 EST


Posted at 3:28 pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

So basically all sellers of childrens' items on etsy will be operating illegaly. Because the lead testing is about $4k per product (and yes, each print or model constitutes a different product). And, having signed the above etsy agreement, we also lie. This is not a good start to the week, lol.

Posted at 3:30 pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

It's the biggest bunch of bull$h*t ever. Call your congressman people!!!

Posted at 3:31 pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

And now I'm reading here that general "lead testing" is needed to sell beyond Dec 22? I'm so confused.

Posted at 4:32 pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

I'm not sure if this counts, but you can request product information from the manufacturers of your supplies. Fabrics, thread, etc... They have done testing and you can get details about it. For example, the felt I use has been tested for harmful substances and is safe for children.

This won't cover safety issues regarding your craftsmanship, but it may make it so you won't have to get lead testing on all of your items.

Just a thought!

Posted at 4:39 pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

what if you buy and use one of those lead test kits, for home, and test it, take video of you testing it, would that help? I dunno, thought i would throw it out there, although it does say 3rd party.

Posted at 4:55 pm Dec 1, 2008 EST

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