What can WE do about CPSIA?

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Original Post

I'm seeing a lot of distress and people sounding defeated...just giving up. I'm not giving up without a fight.

So this thread is to suggest things that we are doing or can do as individuals to fight this.

Today I emailed my state rep and senators (and I will again tomorrow), and I also contacted our local talk radio station.

Next....I know you guys have lots of great ideas!

Posted at 7:54pm Dec 4, 2008 EST


Don't have a clue, but would like to know, so marking.

Posted at 7:56pm Dec 4, 2008 EST

ok....how about if you have a customer mailing list, inform them about this...maybe they'd contact their public officials if they still want to be able to purchase your product.

Posted at 8:21pm Dec 4, 2008 EST

I'm going to try this one more time.

Scott Hennen, our local talk radio guy in Fargo got back to me last night and is looking for guests to cover this on his show.

I emailed several national shows during the night. The more of us that do, the better.

What are you going to do today to change this legislation?

Posted at 7:18am Dec 5, 2008 EST

Also any of us should try to contact the Legal helplines in our individual states to see if there are any Lawyers that will take up the cause pro-bono for us "Micro Manufactures" as the petition called us. Even if the lawyers can't represent us to the Federal govnerment at least maybe they can clarify how this law impacts our business.

Posted at 7:39am Dec 5, 2008 EST

Maybe the way to approach this is to inform consumers about how this will affect prices of everything.

Posted at 7:42am Dec 5, 2008 EST

Here's another idea. If you are on any ETSY street team, contact your group leader. See if they have list of media outlets for your area. Contact other teammembers with similar concerns then one by one send inquiries to the media if they are going to do any type of story on the new CPSIA law, if so when will it air, & if not why aren't they doing one to clear up all this confusion both for the consumer & businesses alike.

Posted at 12:40pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

This is listed at one of the Govt. info sites.
Call and get the proper info. people.
The forums are just panicking everyone.

For All CPSIA Inquiries
In the U.S., please call 1-800-277-3300

Posted at 1:21pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

CosmosMoon says

ok- here I go asking the dummy question...
cpsia? what is it?
thanks, MBZ
(blushing and embarrassed)

Posted at 1:23pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

This is a direct link to the site:


Posted at 1:27pm Dec 5, 2008 EST