Custom dies? Especially for Sizzix Big Shot

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Original Post

For all of my flowers, I cut every piece of felt by hand. This is great, but very very time consuming, and as I'm starting to get more orders, I would love to make this step a bit easier. I'm thinking about getting the Sizzix Big Shot, but I was wondering if there is a service anywhere that manufactures custom dies?

I have all of the patterns I use for my flowers as graphic files, as well as paper patterns, and it would be so much easier if I could still cut out 'my' shapes mechanically rather than manually.

If anyone knows anything, thanks!

Posted at 11:24pm Dec 4, 2008 EST


*bump* I know it's late, but any answer would be appreciated!

Posted at 11:38pm Dec 4, 2008 EST

CrazyBliss says

don't have the answer, but i'm interested in your question. i'll give the thread a bump and hope those in the know will see it and respond.

Posted at 11:41pm Dec 4, 2008 EST

Wow, that would be awesome if there was a place to get custom dies. If so, I would like to order one for my little envelopes. Anyone have knowledge of this ???

Posted at 11:41pm Dec 4, 2008 EST

Please, if anyone knows the answer to this, it would be extremely helpful!

Posted at 1:39am Dec 5, 2008 EST

I can't make custom dies for you, but I can cut any shape you'd like out of anything less than 1/4" thick that doesn't contain PVC. so felt, wood and acrylic are fair game.
I too have a sizzix that I've had forever and was wondering the same thing when I got it. Though now I don't really have much use for it.

Posted at 1:49am Dec 5, 2008 EST

GraceyBags says

I just sent an email to accucut to ask about custom dies.
I checked with a local tool and die company in my area and they told me they could make the dies for me. But... I needed a press (don't have one, but considering the accucut for fabric). If accucut can't make them for me, I am going to see if my local company can make something to work with the accucut.

You may want to check and see if you have a local tool and die company.

Posted at 2:04am Dec 5, 2008 EST

ravenwren says

Okay, you know you should be wearing your glasses when you repeatedly come across this thread and see it as "customer dies" which is what I keep seeing. Time for bed AND glasses.

Posted at 2:21am Dec 5, 2008 EST

clothcat says

LOL ravenwren I was thinking the same thing - execpt it's first thing in the morning here.

violonjello - have you thought about a graphtech craft robo? It's more expensive than a big shot I know, but it's a device you can plug into your computer and will basically cut out any shape that you've drawn using the software that comes with it. Might work out cheaper in the long run than buying lots of custom dies. I don't have one myself, but if you do a google search on the name you should be able to find a few user forums for the machine.

Posted at 2:49am Dec 5, 2008 EST

clothcat says

Here's a link with some info:

Posted at 2:50am Dec 5, 2008 EST