Custom dies? Especially for Sizzix Big Shot

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Eek.. $850+? That's a little scary.
I might have to think about it.

Posted at 7:53am Dec 5, 2008 EST

Any luck finding a custom die maker for Sizzix machines (or other personal cutters)? I just began looking into using a personal die cutter to handle wholesale orders. I just contacted a die and stamping company in Portland, Oregon, and will let you know what I learn.

Does anyone have experience cutting felt or other thick and thin microfiber with a personal cutter? One blog I found said that the Sizzix Original cut beautifully. Still researching what machine I need to invest in. Comments are appreciated. Thanks!

Posted at 1:41pm Dec 22, 2008 EST

I have the original sizzix and I have actually cut thin metal with the dies and then went back to paper! I got mine pretty cheap from ebay used and since I planned on abusing it, I didn't want to buy new. I would recommend it to anyone.

Posted at 1:13pm Jun 16, 2009 EDT

customdies says

Hi, I am thinking of starting selling custom dies, pre designed ones and other craft related items through a new website. There seems to be a huge market for them so I think it could be a good little business. Feel free to email me with any ideas or thoughts on the subject. I aim to start selling within the next couple of months. I should be able to sell standard sizzix dies for around the £25 - £30 mark. Thanks, Charlie

Posted at 10:29am Jun 28, 2009 EDT

pikita says

I'd like to know if anyone found something about custom dies? I'm also interested on some for myself and that sounds great.

I know for a fact that Ellison does make custom dies but for Prestige SpaceSaver, Prestige Pro, Prestige Select, Roll Model, Sizzix Big Shot Pro... which I way out of my budget so I guess I will have to keep looking, I can't tell you how much a die for the Big Shot Pro will be since I'm still waiting for that information, but I will let you know as soon as I know.


Posted at 10:07pm Mar 10, 2010 EST

pikita says

Ok, I got my answer from Ellison and they wanted to charge me $150 for a wooden die or $175 for a plastic die (plus shipping), the only problem was that they wouldn't do it for the Big Shot which really was great for me since I found another site where they did make a wooden die (I don't really mind if its wooden or plastic as long as they cut what I want good and this one does)

I just got my custom die today and I can't wait to start making stuff with it, and it didn't cost me $30 with shipping!!

If anyone want any more info or contanct info for this other site convo me and I will gladly give you the info.


Posted at 3:59pm Mar 29, 2010 EDT

BombusLane says

Marking! :O)

Posted at 4:44pm Mar 29, 2010 EDT

alintx says

let's give this one a bump and see if anyone has found an affordable custom die maker . . . in particular, I'd like to find someone to make custom embossing plates for the sizzix.

Posted at 1:56pm Jun 5, 2010 EDT

I REALLY want cust dies too... anyone??

Posted at 11:04pm Jun 17, 2010 EDT