how much does flannel shrink?

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Original Post

TheTinyFig says

cuz.. i made some PJ pants and they kinda shrunk 2 inches after washing lol

Posted at 3:05 pm Dec 5, 2008 EST


cmu55 says

100% cotton flannel will shrink:) Prewash all fabrics:)

Posted at 3:07 pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

cmu55 says

Sorry, I hope that you didn't think that I was being a smarta$$.

It is a lesson we have all learned.

Posted at 3:39 pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

Anywhere from 2-6 inches a yard. Depending on where you got it and its quality - from my exp.

Posted at 3:50 pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

I have to agree with Midnight. I have had some shrink 6 inches per yard. I have had others shrink around an inch per yard. The lesson? Always prewash and shrink. Most of mine gets it more than one time to be sure I got the shrinkage out so that when I make an item to the customer's measurements, it actually stays there!! lol

Posted at 3:56 pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

cotton or wool flannel?

Posted at 3:59 pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

craftnique says

Oh that would be a "oops" moment!
Could you make them into capri style? or shorts?

Posted at 4:06 pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

TheTinyFig says

cotton flannel.. whats the best way to dry it without it getting all linty?

Posted at 5:51 pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

jojosmom says

Or you could add a contrasting band around the bottom of the pants. I did that last year when I forgot to prewash my flannel for DH's pj pants! :)

Posted at 6:00 pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

I dry mine in the dryer on high heat. I haven't had any trouble with it getting all linty. I use high heat because I want it to shrink as much as it is going to. Before cutting I steam and iron it all and it always looks pretty good.

Posted at 6:01 pm Dec 5, 2008 EST

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