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Original Post

ArtsAfire says

Hey! In an effort to raise awareness about Etsy (and my blog at!) I'm starting an "Etsy Artist of the Day" feature on my blog. I'll post one of your items, a link to your shop, and a blurb about you and your shop (from your bio).

If you'd like to be featured, post on this thread with your shop link. I'll make a list of everyone and feature a new artist everyday. On the day that you are featured I'll make sure to convo you and let you know that you're being featured!

Posted at 1:26am Dec 7, 2008 EST


vsc83 says

That's very nice of you!

I would love to be featured, what's your blog link? (the link was to your etsy shop!)

Posted at 1:28am Dec 7, 2008 EST

I would love to be featured. Plus, I am making Kochanie "My Love" Bereavement Baskets.


Read all about my baskets.

Posted at 1:30am Dec 7, 2008 EST

I found it under profile.

Posted at 1:31am Dec 7, 2008 EST

ArtsAfire says

Oh! Sorry about that.

Posted at 1:31am Dec 7, 2008 EST

ArtsAfire says

Going to twitter about this now and I'll check back later!

Posted at 1:32am Dec 7, 2008 EST

vsc83 says

I found it on there too, I tend to skip over shop announcements and go right to the work.. bad, I know! :)

(Was looking at your sold stuff too, that tree branches set is great!)

Posted at 1:35am Dec 7, 2008 EST

ArtsAfire says

Thanks, VSC! I love how diverse your store is! Great selection. Your jewelry is fantastic.

Posted at 1:40am Dec 7, 2008 EST

Hi! I would love to be featured! Check out my shop Thanks

Posted at 1:40am Dec 7, 2008 EST