CYA - Clean up Your Act Team - Come on in and talk soap! 12/8/08-12/14/08

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Oh poop, Lave - bummer!

Most of mine have eventually piad, though. Maybe they'll pay today!

And yes, Anhoki's hubby makes AWESOME stamps!

Posted at 11:17am Dec 10, 2008 EST

Anhoki says

LaveMeSoapCo said:
an's husband did an awesome job on the stamp.

i am home sick again.
...Feel better soon. It's going around here something awful. Yuck!

i have my first NPB. i have emailed and convod. i will give it one more day and cancel.
...Quote your policies too. Etsy has been good about cancellations for me. It sucks to cancel them but I'm not giving it to you for free either. 8o(

Posted at 11:56am Dec 10, 2008 EST

Anhoki says

Thanks Swan. 8o)

swanmountainsoaps said:
And yes, Anhoki's hubby makes AWESOME stamps!

Posted at 12:02pm Dec 10, 2008 EST

scgoddess says

I confess - I am a CYA groupie :) I do not make soap, never will - but I will buy from the best - Etsy soapers. You guys are hysterical - I get my daily jollies from your adventures.
Sit back, have some coffee and chocolate (you know you want it) and enjoy my take on your thread. This may run a little long but that is your fault, not mine.
o O
....cue the organ music.....Narrator's voice (could it be Dennis behind that 'stash?)
On this week's episode of ATSL......

....will anyone make it through the week without illness?? Loyal followers of ATSL know to keep Lysol spray beside the keyboard to protect from viral ooze.

.....will there be an explosion of soap in the mold??

....will the Feds discover the secret identities of Swan and Anoki?? We all know them by their alternate personas - enforcers for the Soap Mob.

.....who will be arrested for stalking their UPS/FedEX/USPS carrier?? much hair will be torn out because of supply snafus??

....will anyone raise their goggles and have a lye accident??

......will this be the week that there are no NPB and the sale fairy visits everyone?

......will more children be forgotten at school/activities while soapies work?

.....Most importantly: who will be the first to break out the wine/margaritas/Jack/alcohol du jour?

Found on EVERY episode of ATSL:

...generous mentoring
...unlimited support
...loving compassion
...tolerance of differences
...wild, wacky, off the wall humor

Please forgive me for posting here - I simply could not resist. Keep up the fab soapy work.

Posted at 12:17pm Dec 10, 2008 EST

SudsNSuch says

I love it! lol!

Posted at 12:29pm Dec 10, 2008 EST

Uh-oh! We've been caught!

And BTW - I dont really think we ever put the wine/margarits/Jack/alcohol du jour away so there's no need to break it out!

I wonder how many other "stalkers" we have??? LOL!

Thanks for the post SCG!

Posted at 12:29pm Dec 10, 2008 EST

hahahaha! omgosh sc! that is the funniest thing i have ever read!
that sooo needs to go on a blog!

Posted at 12:33pm Dec 10, 2008 EST

HAHAHA! i am still laughing.

Posted at 12:35pm Dec 10, 2008 EST

Myabe it would be good for the team blog!!!!

Posted at 12:39pm Dec 10, 2008 EST

Yes, it really boosted my day! Humor always works with me:-)

Posted at 12:55pm Dec 10, 2008 EST