Selling online: a list of venues

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Original Post

I've spent most of the day checking out all sorts of online selling venues and thought I'd share the list I've come up with.

I'm familiar with some of these, others I have no experience with whatsoever.

Some look gorgeous. Some are dog ugly!

But everyone has different needs and if you're looking to branch out and sell in a few different venues, this could be a good place to start:

If anyone has had good or bad experiences with any of these, I'd love to hear more about it.

xxx scarlett

Posted at 2:20am Dec 9, 2008 EST


Thanks for the links :)

Posted at 2:22am Dec 9, 2008 EST

WOW! What a list! Thank you!!!

Posted at 2:23am Dec 9, 2008 EST

I bet that did take all day.

Posted at 2:23am Dec 9, 2008 EST

marking Thank you for the links.

Posted at 2:24am Dec 9, 2008 EST

kukkilintu says

Thank you so much!!! Just what I have been looking for!

Posted at 2:25am Dec 9, 2008 EST

CrazyBliss says

you've been busy, scarlettcat! it will be a handy list, to be sure. thanks for compiling and posting it.

Posted at 2:25am Dec 9, 2008 EST

SkyDreams says

Love 1000markets, signed up yesterday for the same reason with OP.
very upscale look and easy to use.

I do well on ruby lane. been selling there over 2years.

I opended shops on few other sites including Lollishops but, they are too soon to tell.

Posted at 2:27am Dec 9, 2008 EST

Thanks for the HUGE tip!

Posted at 2:28am Dec 9, 2008 EST

One could waste considerable time ---is there any way to judge if one venue is "better" than another for one's handcrafted items?

Posted at 2:29am Dec 9, 2008 EST