Selling online: a list of venues

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jmliss says

Marking... thanks for all the info & comments...

Posted at 3:41am Jun 13, 2009 EDT

Whimbrella says

So much information!

Posted at 9:19pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT


Posted at 9:20pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT

beadedwire says

You may want to look up traffic on some of these sites before spending much time on them. You can see trafftic on
It is hard to sell on sites that don't get visitors.

Posted at 9:23pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT

KiraFerrer says

Wow! Thanks for making that list!

Posted at 9:46pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT

Gifts4u2 says

Thank you for the information!!! It would have taken me WAY longer than that to find all these sites!! Once again thank you!!

Posted at 9:49pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT has Free site submissions to advertise your Etsy shop too.

Posted at 9:51pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT

RiverBird says

wow what a long list... marking!

Posted at 9:54pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT

I appreciate this compilation. Thank you!

Posted at 12:09am Jun 19, 2009 EDT

There is a brand new juried site for higher end artwork that is really beautiful. I just started on it. I think they have only been live for a couple of months and they are still in "preview" which is like beta.

It is

Posted at 12:23am Jun 19, 2009 EDT