CPSIA Protest Idea

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Original Post

OK, this is just a pipe dream, but what if we all took some handmade children's item and mailed it to the office of, say, Rep. Bobby Rush (chair of the committee on Energy and Commerce). Each item would have a label that said:

On Feb. 10, 2009 this item will turn into a
[really big font]HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE[end really big font]
Don't let this happen, modify CPSIA now!

Just think if he had to step over all these cute handmade things staring him in the face!

Posted at 11:36pm Dec 9, 2008 EST


I think that is a great way to put this whole thing in to perspective for the recipient! I'm not currently selling children's items, but I am a huge supporter!

Posted at 12:36am Dec 10, 2008 EST

haycorns says

Can we start bootlegging children's items? :)

Posted at 12:36am Dec 10, 2008 EST

I'll send a sacrificial hatz.

Posted at 12:39am Dec 10, 2008 EST

I think that's a good idea....I'll send one of my *hazardous* teddy bears!

Posted at 12:40am Dec 10, 2008 EST

Here is the address of his Washington office (this is from his official website so I presume he intends it to be public knowledge):

Rep. Bobby Rush
2416 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Let's make sure we don't put "Hazardous Substance" on the outside of the box, or else they'll have to call in the bomb squad or something.

Suggested text for enclosed letter:
On Feb. 10, 2009 this item will turn into a
[really big font]HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE[end really big font]
Don't let this happen!

I am a crafter [or artisan; I don't want to reopen that debate] who makes and sells one of a kind items for children. It is financially and physically impossible for me to do all the lead testing that the CPSIA requires. Since all my products will legally be classified as "hazardous substances" on Feb. 10, 2009, I am sending one as a gift to you. How else am I going to get rid of it, if it will be a felony to sell it? Hopefully you can find something to do with it before Feb. 10 too, so that you don't have to call in the hazmat team to take it away.

Of course, Rep. Rush, if your committee would reconsider the interpretation of the CPSIA, I might not have to go out of business...

[your name]

Posted at 1:13am Dec 10, 2008 EST

Great idea. I'll give it a bump. My husband's comment on the law was "written by someone who has obviously never made anything"

Posted at 2:12am Dec 10, 2008 EST

Sounds like a good idea to me, too. :)

Posted at 2:17am Dec 10, 2008 EST

Faeorain says

Heck...I don't even make kids stuff, but I would be willing to come up with something just so I can join in!

Posted at 2:19am Dec 10, 2008 EST

Good morning! Who wants to join the protest?

Posted at 9:55am Dec 10, 2008 EST