♥How to TWITTER to Increase Business!!! ♥

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Original Post

BeadinBabe says

Twitter is an amazing promotional tool as well as a way to meet some awesome people! If you aren't utalizing it to it's fullest, here's how :-)

Your RSS feed directly from your shop is when everytime you update or renew an item 'twitterfeed' will automatically post it to twitter for you. You can set up your twitter account to automatically update twitter like this... :-)

1. Go to... twitterfeed.com

2. Make an Open ID, Click the blue (more), it will take to to where you can create an openID, I used vidoop, and created a new OpenID with my Etsy Username...

3. It will give you an activation code sent to you email, after you get that, you can log in to www.twitterfeed.com with your New OpenID name,
For example, mine is now beadinbabe.myvidoop.com/ ...

4. It will have you fill out your info..name, birthday ect. Then will ask for the RSS URL of the account you want to feed

**To find your RSS go to your Etsy Site to 'Shop Home' on the right side of your screen, scroll down and you will see a little orange and grey RSS feed box, click on that..It will take you to your RSS feed, go up the the URL, highlight that and copy it. This is what you will insert in the twitterfeed as the URL you want to feed from :-)

4. It then asks what you want to feed (title and description or just title) You can choose whichever you Like. The Prefix for each tweet is what will be put up in front of every RSS that is sent through to Twitter.

6. Make sure your active box is checked.

7. Click Create! You are all set!! This will make things much easier when using twitter since all of your renewals and new listings will automatically be posted to twitter for you. Good luck! :-)

Have fun tweeting!! :-) www.twitter.com/beadinbabe

Posted at 9:01am Dec 10, 2008 EST


what exactly is Twitter?

Posted at 9:02am Dec 10, 2008 EST

BeadinBabe says

well it's basically a social network, like a big chat world

Posted at 9:02am Dec 10, 2008 EST

BeadinBabe says

it's seems way too easy at first that you'll think your doing something wrong, lol, but your not... you just get on, and 'follow' people and begin chatting!

Posted at 9:03am Dec 10, 2008 EST

hmm...nice. thanks for the info!!

Posted at 9:04am Dec 10, 2008 EST

BeadinBabe says

I will say that I've only been using twitter for a couple weeks, but I've already made at least 8 sales directly from it, and maybe more that I don't know of. So I definatily suggest using it :-)

Posted at 9:04am Dec 10, 2008 EST

BeadinBabe says

not a problem :-)

Posted at 9:04am Dec 10, 2008 EST

8 sales already?! I have been on for over a month and I can't say that I have made any sales from it. I will have to try out your method!

Posted at 9:06am Dec 10, 2008 EST

BeadinBabe says

lol, just be very personable

Posted at 9:06am Dec 10, 2008 EST

BeadinBabe says

I really have made some great friends from there, I update periodically throughout the day, on my own then whenever I renew or list a new item it does that too.

Posted at 9:07am Dec 10, 2008 EST