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yep -- it would.

I dont have the time, working a theater show with a cast of 200 kids, on very little sleep -- hehehehe

Posted at 11:27pm Dec 10, 2008 EST

JDWolfe- I *loved* that one (the first one you linked to!)

I promise you that none of you are on a "do not pick list"!

I usually prefer not to critique/discuss particular treasuries, since it would involve discussing the photos of sellers who *haven't* asked for a critique. But, let me talk about quirke's current treasury, to shed a few light on some things, and hopefully educate some people so we get more people in the mix!

Ok, so let's pretend I'm flipping through the lists, looking for Front Pages. I come upon this one (quirke's).

The top 6 draw my attention. Nice photos, arranged with a good eye for balance and color. I'm interested!

I scroll down. Beautiful! Great mix/variety of items. All photos are FP worthy, overall treasury list looks very nice and frontpageable. It's looking good- I'm excited! Rows 2 & 3 are particularly strong- I'd probably move those to rows 1 & 2.

First glance at prices: looks pretty good. *But* then I look closer. I see 5 items (including alternates) $10 and under, and 8 items $20 and under. I would prefer to see more things in, say, the $20 - $40 range instead of so many things under $10/$20 (several are fine). For one thing, it will sell very quickly and "bleed" through to the previous treasury before time is up! You have some in the $40 - $100 range, and one over $100, which is good.

I hope this is helpful!

Posted at 11:51pm Dec 10, 2008 EST

magicjelly says

Another piece of advice...never feature anything of mine if you want to make it to the FP. My items have been removed 7 times from FP treasuries.

Posted at 11:56pm Dec 10, 2008 EST

Waterrose says

Michelle thank you for taking the time to provide "all" of that information.

I have worked within that $ range, created lovely treasuries and still no front page. I have taken every single tip to heart and tried hard to stay positive, but I'm about done with this. It is exciting to get a treasury to the front page...but it is frustrating to be ignored for two years.

I know that this one isn't FP worthy, but it's my attempt to help others who have not had much exposure on a team that I belong to. I understand how they tell since I have been in many beautiful treasuries, but can count on one hand how many times my creations have been on the front page.


Magic I thought, maybe it's been a while, I've seen you on the front page with treasuries you curated and your creations?

Posted at 12:06am Dec 11, 2008 EST

Waterrose says

tell = feel....late here

Posted at 12:10am Dec 11, 2008 EST

alyanna says

Thanks for taking the time, Michelle. As Waterrose said, it's always good to hear what you are looking for and I'll incorporate your advice.

Posted at 12:24am Dec 11, 2008 EST

poetsummer says


I want this on the front page. Please.

Posted at 12:28am Dec 11, 2008 EST

"Another piece of advice...never feature anything of mine if you want to make it to the FP. My items have been removed 7 times from FP treasuries."

Why have they been removed?

Posted at 1:01am Dec 11, 2008 EST

Ravenhill says

I just loved reading what Michelle had to say about this. I haven't given prices consideration in making a treasuries. Now I will. Thank you so much Michelle for taking the time to address this with such specific advice! I love making treasuries and getting them on the FP is a huge kick!

Posted at 1:24am Dec 11, 2008 EST

Thanks Ravenhill!

Waterrose, thanks for your comments. Perhaps an idea would be to work with your friends on photo techniques? Every seller has the ability to FP worthy photos with a little work and knowledge. There are some great articles in the Photography section here:

I find that this:

is a beautiful photo of a great item. The lighting is great, the angle is interesting, the cropping in the gallery photo is good, and the background is attractive and compliments the piece. My only comment is that I can't tell what it is from the photo, and I *strongly* prefer item photos that make it clear what the item is. Showing them being worn in the gallery photo would help a lot, if you or a friend has a nice wrist/hand that would look good wearing them. Or, putting what it is in the first few words of the title, so it is not cropped off, helps a lot! I'm saying this not to give you an unasked for critique, but to say that it looks like you have some talent/knowledge, and you can help your friends!

Magicjelly- your items are not being removed from the FP, unless they are in a Treasury that you made. Perhaps the item sold before it reached the FP.

Posted at 2:03am Dec 11, 2008 EST