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Original Post

ehax says

Hello all,

I've put together a tool that will give you an RSS or Atom feed for your shop/user feedback:

Let me know what you think.

Posted at 3:07pm Dec 13, 2008 EST


very cool! thank you!

Posted at 4:25pm Dec 13, 2008 EST

GoTo says

Freakin' awesome--thanks!

Posted at 4:28pm Dec 13, 2008 EST

Nice! Off to check it out ...

Posted at 5:51pm Dec 13, 2008 EST

ehax says

Should this be under "ideas" or something else? "Business topics"?

Posted at 9:50pm Dec 13, 2008 EST

ehax says

Shameless bump, after a quiet weekend....

Posted at 12:02pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

I think it can stay in ideas... perhaps Etsy will implement this someday, too.

Posted at 8:58pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

ehax says

Just wasn't sure if people look at Ideas as "things I'd like Etsy to do" (and therefore ignore this thread) rather than "things that may have been implemented".

Posted at 10:45am Dec 16, 2008 EST

MillieFern says

what goes in the "your feed" box? sorry....prob. a stupid question...:)

Posted at 11:18am Dec 16, 2008 EST

ehax says

MillieFern said:
what goes in the "your feed" box? sorry....prob. a stupid question...:)

Hm. That's not really clear is it? That's where the web address of the feed will go, ready for you to cut and paste, when you fill in the rest of the form.

Posted at 12:02pm Dec 16, 2008 EST