Mamas of intact (uncircumcised) boys Please Read!

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Original Post

toeNja says

*Important* *Important*

Please take a few seconds of your time to join and vote for the Idea "End Unnecessary Infant Circumcision." It has 614 votes so far and is currently in second place under health care.

This FAQ explains what is about

European, Central and South American, Canadian, Mexican, Asian, and African mamas feel free to add your support to this issue!

Thank you so much!

Posted at 1:30pm Dec 14, 2008 EST


kimonomomo says

Is there something there to stop female circumcision too? Because I'm all for that.

An no, I didn't have my boy cut either.

Posted at 1:32pm Dec 14, 2008 EST

MoonFairy says

Circumsicion isn't all evil.

Posted at 1:33pm Dec 14, 2008 EST

suuk says

no, but it sure is unneccessary

Posted at 1:34pm Dec 14, 2008 EST

I can't get the link up, so I'm not sure exactly what it says.

Posted at 1:35pm Dec 14, 2008 EST

To each his own.

What health risks does circumcision of a male bring?

Posted at 1:35pm Dec 14, 2008 EST

There are many, many benefits of circumcision. Are you trying to make it it illegal?

Posted at 1:35pm Dec 14, 2008 EST

Ruthies - the risks are the same as with any surgery. However, the benefits far, FAR outweight the risks.

Posted at 1:37pm Dec 14, 2008 EST

Though I grew up in a society where circumsision was the norm (this society.....), and all 3 of my brothers were, and my husband.... and pretty much every male in this country up until the last 10 years or so..........
We chose not to circumcise our son. My husband's only concern was that there not be something somewhere by the Catholic church saying that it "should" be done, for some reason. He did lots of research, and was not convinced. We didn't do it. It's really unnecessary.... just a habit, really. Thanks for the link.

Posted at 1:38pm Dec 14, 2008 EST

suuk says

I think everyone should just decide this for is an unneccessary operation, yes, but there's aslo no harm in it. it even has some, if small, benefits. I would not have my baby circumcised, but I do not judge people who do...

toe, what exactly is your problem with circumcision?

Posted at 1:38pm Dec 14, 2008 EST