Shhhh... SECRET Etsy Tips

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Original Post

mikiep says

Hello All! :)

I wanted to start a little forum where everyone could post a little secret of something that has helped them on Etsy. :)

For myself [in California USA], I have found that Saturday morning listings are AWESOME! One Saturday I sold an item, re-listed it and then 5 min later sold something else. I re-listed that one and BAM another sale. This has be successful 4 times so far and has worked for my wife RavenX also.
Late night listings have worked well for me too in terms of getting sales from our Friends across the seas.

I am excited to hear all your little Secrets...Let's help each other learn new tips! :)

Happy Holidays from...


Posted at 1:25pm Dec 15, 2008 EST


mikiep says

Wow thank you for that

Posted at 1:29pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

I'm just wondering where your buyers came from (Time zone). If they were from the East coast, then your morning listing might have been effective around noon or so. . .

Posted at 1:29pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

mikiep says

I live in LA bu it seams to happen around 8:30 to 11:00 Westcoast time

Posted at 1:35pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

Oooo, that is a good one, popnicute! Timothy rocks. Here is another little secret. Just tell Vicki we sent you!

You goota try this one, mikiep! Just conve Vicki!

Posted at 1:36pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

mikiep says

Thank you popnicute
That is a great website

Posted at 1:37pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

I am in Louisiana. Listing around mid-day and around 9pm
works best for me.

Posted at 1:38pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

popnicute said:
thanks for sharing.. :D

i just found this


thanks for the plug!

Posted at 1:39pm Dec 15, 2008 EST