Post your new Aceos here, Collectors stop here to see new pieces of art

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Original Post

Did you know that you could have an entire art collection of original art from all over the world that will fit into a basket or box on your living room table? Your friends will love to flip through a unique and interesting collection of original watercolor or pastel paintings that reflect your artistic taste. You can also collect art photographs, prints of large art work ( in very limited editions of 25 to 50 prints) for a fraction of the cost and space needed to display them.
Right now a lot of people are starting to collect ACEOs from artists . Artists either make up trading card sized pieces of their original work , sign and date them and then offer them for sale at inexpensive prices.

They are low cost and people can collect lots of different types of art without needing a lot of exhibit space in their homes. It is very fun and creative and inexpensive. There is nothing like the thrill of getting a package in the mail with your own new art work for your collection.

Please look at this thread often to see new work as it is created.

Here are a couple of mine:
mixed media Original work:

Dogs are miracles with paws


Limited editions photographs:



Artists list your creations here and CUSTOMERS can look in one place to add to their collections.

Posted at 6:17pm Dec 15, 2008 EST


I am the first one here, LD. :)

Posted at 7:26pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

hi LD, marking this for later, I like to be able to see what's new
hi readingsully :-D

Posted at 7:38pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

Glad to see a new thread! :)

Here's a new one from me:

Posted at 7:46pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

studio27 says

Thanks LD, great idea about starting a new thread!

Great new one World :).

Posted at 8:38pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

Fun, LD - love your harvest moon =)
Neat new ones, studio27 =)
nice moments - love the color!
cute Nana =) Carole!

This is one of my favorites that I did =) It was fun - read the description =)

Posted at 11:00pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

Beautiful storm Tapestry.

Posted at 11:03pm Dec 15, 2008 EST

mmm smells like new thread. beautiful works everyone!
moments i love that capture.
studio those are awesome! they must have taken you a long time. :D painted a boomerang like that once and it took ages!
sully that is cute :) super nan!
and tapestry that is beautiful!

i've been on an aceo making roll! ;D

float to the skies

off with her head!

Posted at 3:34am Dec 16, 2008 EST