Selling items made with a Cricut?????

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cricut is on my piss list.

Their angel policy is TIGHT.

Posted at 1:16 pm Dec 29, 2008 EST

Provo craft products angel policy pretty much says you can't do any online selling. I had to pull a couple of my cards because of it.

I wish Fiskar's made more products, because they have no problem with what you make or how you sell when creating with their products.

Posted at 1:18 pm Dec 29, 2008 EST

Angel Policy
Although Sizzix products are not intended or
designed for commercial use, you are
welcome to use them for limited commercial
purposes so long as your projects are limited
in scope and local in nature. Unless
otherwise authorized, Internet sales and any
reproductions using our designs, in any
media, are strictly prohibited.

Posted at 1:19 pm Dec 29, 2008 EST

Wow, that's amazing. What do those companies think you are going to do with what you cut out?

Posted at 1:24 pm Dec 29, 2008 EST

RuthiesGirlDesigns says:
cricut is on my piss list.

Their angel policy is TIGHT.
LOL! I'm with you. I forget who it is, but one manufacturer also does not allow you combine their dies with any other manufacturer's in an item for sale. I think that's ProvoCraft too. Can't remeber.

Sizzix has an angel policy on their site:

Posted at 1:26 pm Dec 29, 2008 EST

sayitsbyu says

Ya the makers of these intend them to be for personal use - they expect you to use them for your own project and personal use...or at least thats how i take why they made you can make things for yourself and for gifts...that type of thing.

Posted at 2:20 pm Dec 29, 2008 EST

WOw...glad I read this thread....I never in a million years thought you could not sell cards you make using a Cricut......

Posted at 2:51 pm Dec 29, 2008 EST

Quote: "This would make them competitive with other cutting machines like the CraftRobo, Wishblade and KlicNKut. All of which don't have cartridges, but instead have software that allows you to make your own designs so you can sell without restriction."

Thanks Mosaico. Very informative. I'd been tempted to get the Cricut, but now will check out those others that allow you to make your own designs. That's what I wanted to do in the first place, and could not find the answer to whether Cricut had that capability.

Posted at 3:01 pm Dec 29, 2008 EST

Bombus says

Its because the shapes are designed by them I think

Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 29, 2008 EST

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