Can you wash felt??

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Original Post

Can you wash felt? My mother always told me that it would fall apart in the washing machine.
If I were to sew felt on a garment and wash it inside out would it turn out okay?
Thanks!!!!! :)

Posted at 8:13am Dec 30, 2008 EST


taffyknits says

I wash my hand knit and felted items in cold water and don't use the dryer, and they are fine. Do you mean the felt from craft supply places, in sheets?

Posted at 8:22am Dec 30, 2008 EST

sumpnsassy says

Good question. I'm definitely not an expert, but as there are different kinds of felt, I would imagine they each would respond differently to washing. Why not test the felt you mean to use? Sew a small patch on a piece of fabric and toss in the wash--measure the patch first so you can tell if it shrank. JMO

Posted at 8:23am Dec 30, 2008 EST

lol thanks guys...:)
Yes taffyknits, I meant the kind you can buy in sheets
Thanks for your help!!

Posted at 8:27am Dec 30, 2008 EST

Acrylic felt - craft felt - can be gently washed at low temperatures. I've put my dolls in the washing machine at 30 degrees to test them and they come out just fine, but I recommend hand washing to my customers just to be safe:)

Posted at 8:30am Dec 30, 2008 EST

I too have washed crafting felt. I have not had any problems with it. It just becomes super soft.

I have not washed the newest craft felt that Walmart is selling. It is made from recycled plastic. I should throw a scrap in with some towels to see how it does.

Happy New Year!

Posted at 8:54am Dec 30, 2008 EST

I wash and dry all of my felt in my washing machine and dryer. Most of the new felt is fine it is the older felt that can not take washing. I washed and dryed the new stuff from Walmart and it came out looking just like it did before it went in the washer and dryer.
The felt from JoAnns is not good for washing and drying and it has a tendency to bleed colors. I am hoping that they get some of the new felt in. I haven't looked at it since Nov. so maybe they have better quality felt now.

Posted at 9:24am Dec 30, 2008 EST

Great! Thanks for all the tips everyone

Posted at 9:35am Dec 30, 2008 EST

I tested the Kunin felt that Walmart sells and it washes beautifully. I didn't put it in the dryer but it dried really fast without doing that.

Posted at 9:41am Dec 30, 2008 EST

Craft felt will pill up after awhile and may begin to tear at seams if washed alot.

Real wool felt shouldn't be washed. Perhaps you could wash on cold in the gentle cycle with nothing else with it. But, I would hand wash to be safe.

Posted at 10:07am Dec 30, 2008 EST