Twitter Traffic Tricks and Tips

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Original Post

briaberger says

Hi everyone! Here is a list of Twitter tips for generating more traffic and followers (I didn't compile the list myself, credit belongs to

Setting up your Twitter profile page properly.

1. Add a nice background picture will help.
2. Use a profile photo will help get more followers, people will follow people not objects and logo's.
3. Check your messages, @replies and direct messages on a daily basis, start building relationships, people hate to be sold but love to buy.
4. Set your Twitter up with a seperate gmail account, this will help for future applications.
5. Make sure you have your URL in your profile and that it's working.

Setting up your Tweetlater account.

1. Go to and follow the step by step tutorials.
2. You will use the same email that you are using for your Twitter account.
3. Set up your message for your new followers to receive, make sure you put your url in this message. Note: use the http:// when inserting your url, this message can only be 140 characters in length. Use keywords to try and get people to take a look at your website.
4. Check the auto welcome to the (send private direct message).
5. Scheduled tweets lets you send out auto messages while you sleep or are away. Just be careful not to send out to many, this will look like spam.

Note: tweetlater has several functions you will enjoy using, these are the ones we started with.

Using Twellow to generate followers.

1. is a great way to find people in the same business or niche you are in or looking for what you have to sell.
2. You can use the search bar at the top of the page to search any topic, country, person, niche etc. that you want.
3. There are several categories to choose from also which bring up people with the most followers at the top of the page.
4. Once you find the person you want to follow simple go to their page and click on their followers and start following them.
5. Make sure you are logged into your twitter account and as you start to follow people you can click on the home icon at the top of the page, hit the refresh button and the new people will be added.
6. I usually only follow people with a photo, this will increase the number of people who follow you back.

Note: You can follow up to about 400 people at a time, some people have problems when they get over this number and receive a warning message from twitter. Simple wait until the next day and repeat the process. I followed 900 people the other day with no problems, just be careful your twitter account doesn't get disabled.

Tweetdeck is a great fun tool.

1. is an application where you can view all messages from one screen.
2. Send back messages with and built in shorten url tool.
3. You can delete people that you don't want to follow.
4. Put people in a group where you can view all there messages as they come in.
5. Now what the number one words are being used on twitter.

Note: I am conducting surveyey for my Twitter hand book and guide and so far this is the number one tool people like the most.

Using Twittercounter.

1. This tools is like google analytics.
2. This tool will show you how many new followers you have since yesterday.
3. Provides you a track to follow and shows how many you will have next month at the current rate you are growing.

Karma is a must.

2. Once you reach 2000 people your following, twitter will not let you follow more people until you reach 2000 followers.
3. Karma will let you go in a delete the people that are not following you so you can start to follow more people.
4. Once you hit 2000 people you are following wait a couple of days and delete those that are not following you.
5. Once you get over 2000 people perform this task every couple of days.

Posted at 12:14pm Dec 31, 2008 EST


echosart says

Great information! Thanks!!

Posted at 12:15pm Dec 31, 2008 EST

MsRose says

Awesome! Thanks =)

Posted at 12:16pm Dec 31, 2008 EST

briaberger says

Oh I'm so dumb. I didn't meant to have all of those T's in the title!

Posted at 12:16pm Dec 31, 2008 EST

Holy tweetformation! Thanks :)

Posted at 12:17pm Dec 31, 2008 EST

Thanks, for your time and information. Happy New Year!

Posted at 12:18pm Dec 31, 2008 EST

dlpom says

Good gosh...can I keep up with all of this? I Twitter, drop Entrecards, do Project Wonderful campaigns, blog, etc., etc.

All very useful, but I need to find a balance between promoting and crafting!


Posted at 12:20pm Dec 31, 2008 EST

momochas says

Thanks for sharing

Posted at 12:21pm Dec 31, 2008 EST

briaberger says

Once I got my twitter going, it kind of took care of itself. There are a lot of neat programs you can use to enhance it but I just try to update every few hours and the rest takes care of itself!

Posted at 12:22pm Dec 31, 2008 EST

bonzie says

Wowser, this is an awesome resource, had no idea bout the add ons for twitter, thanks so much for sharing. :)

Posted at 12:23pm Dec 31, 2008 EST