Treasury Making Tutorial (Tips and Tricks)

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Original Post

Fishstikks says

I decided that after helping some new people out on grabbing or "snagging" a Treasury over this last weekend that it wouldn't be an altogether bad idea to take what I know and make what amounts to a Tutorial.

I know that there have been a lot of threads wondering how to calculate when it would open.

Hopefully this post will help dispel all the myth surrounding putting a Treasury together.

When you visit the Treasury page you will see that there are generally a high number of current treasuries. Don't let this scare you away. What you need to do is click on the expiration sort button at the top right. This sorts the treasuries from the most current on one end to the ready to expire on the other.

Let's say that there are currently 524 treasuries at this moment. You need to wait until that number goes below 333 for the Main Treasury (222 for Treasury West). What this means is that when the number actually moves to 332 is when the Treasuries open up and you are able to then secure your own Treasury.

Here is where it gets tricky. At 524 treasuries you need to wait until 192 treausries expire. GAH! I can't sit here all day and wait that long.

No need to. Simply count how many treasuries are on a page and then times that by how many pages would contain 192 treasuries. There are 20 treasuries per page unless the Treasury is really full and then it could shoot up to 25 or even 30. Best to count one page to make sure.

Okay, I suck at math, hehe, handy dandy calculator to the rescue! That's 9.6 pages. Let's see that's about 2 days from now, hmmm. So now I know that I don't have to wait all day. I just need to come back 2 days from now...Roughly.

Another trick here. If it's say, 3 hours from now that the treasuries expire you should show up early because some curators like to delete their treasuries early so they are free to make another one.
This is where things move really fast. You have to be vigilant. Ignore your screaming children...they only want your attention anyway. Dinner? Who needs to eat right now? You have more important things to think about. You're trying to get a treasury here!

Here is one of the most important things to remember. The treasury is a flash player, this page will re-fresh on it's own. If you are counting down until the number falls below 333 and you are at 334 and hit re-fresh chances are you will lose your chance.

Do you have your poster sketch ready?

Get your title ready, I like to keep it in the space above my poster sketch so I know what I'm doing. I tend to get distracted easily. Blinking lights are a biggie, hehe. You will want to have this copied and ready to paste. Nothing worse than trying to remember your title when that box opens up and startles you.

Here's the link

Treasury West

A great read for anything I missed here, totally invaluable information and has pics to boot,

One question I see that gets asked a lot. Can I feature myself in my own Treasury?
You aren't supposed to and it is frowned upon but can be done. The theory is that IF your treasury gets picked for the front page your item will be replaced with one of your alternates. (Make sure you use your alternate spaces too).

The spirit of the treasury is to highlight your fellow artists. And hopefully they will highlight you as well.

Can I convo the people I put in my Treasury?
It used to be considered spam to convo others when featuring them in a Treasury but that has changed. However, if you aren't careful the spambot can still register you as a spammer. My technique is to convo 4 people, check out some Treasuries and leave comments, come back and convo 4 more and so on...

And please remember that you are allowed ONE treasury in the main treasury and ONE treasury in Treasury West per PERSON, not per each account you have.

Thanks Paisleykitty for this reminder)

Please feel free to post any helpful hints I may have missed. And go get a Treasury!

Fair warning, they are quite addictive.

Posted at 10:50am Jan 1, 2009 EST


Fishstikks says

One other thing I wanted to add, when we do get our fabulous shiny new Treasury please post it seperate from this posting as that will only get this post moved to Etc where it will get lost amongst all the other great posts and people needing help with Treasuries will never be able to find it.

Please keep this post Treasury post free :-)

Posted at 10:50am Jan 1, 2009 EST

This is awesome Fish, I think it's wonderful when people take the time to create posts like this to help out us newbies :)

Posted at 10:52am Jan 1, 2009 EST

a great tip that worked like a charm for me to get my treasury on the front page, was a tip from an admin.

Beyond awesome photo's make sure the price range works. If you have 12 items all under $10 chances are they won't pick it..because it will sell out too fast.

Also make sure you fill in your alternates!

nice post rule!

Posted at 11:02am Jan 1, 2009 EST

Thanks so much fishstikks for taking the time to explain this. It is extremely helpful to me; I've so far shied away from treasuries because the process seemed so intimidating.
Now I can put it on my list of things to try this year.

Posted at 11:02am Jan 1, 2009 EST

Fishstikks says

You are welcome BeJeweledByCandi!

Thanks for that fantastic tip cheapdatejewelry!

I do hope you try for one sometime soon wonderfulstore. Once you see how it works the intimidation factor disappears.

Posted at 11:09am Jan 1, 2009 EST

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Very good explanation!

Posted at 11:09am Jan 1, 2009 EST

this is a great post for everyone who has qs about the treasury. for those who want immediate gratification, the treasury (main) should open in aprox. 20 hrs!!

Posted at 11:11am Jan 1, 2009 EST


Posted at 11:12am Jan 1, 2009 EST

Thanks, marking for later!

Posted at 11:16am Jan 1, 2009 EST