MY FLICKR PRO ACCOUNT DELETED: please be advised...

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Original Post

bethtastic says

I never listed my shop URL in photo descriptions, i only used the words "available" in my shop, in addition to putting "bethtastic" in my tags, and listing my shop in my flickr profile.

My account was deleted today.

I paid for the Pro account. I will not be refunded.

I lost my entire 365 days set, all of my TTV photos, my contacts, mail, everything. I had been active on flickr and in the flickr community (not just using it as an avenue for Etsy), so I was surprised when I went to log in to find all 700 photos deleted and my account gone.

I'm only writing this to warn others that perhaps if you want to use your flickr account to advertise, you should create one specifically geared toward etsy, so that if your pictures are deleted, your other stuff is not.

I am completely pissed and disheartened because I had so much important information on flickr, and now I have no access to it. The pictures, well, I can live with the deletion, but the contacts and flickrmail that I had accumulated is completely lost.

Please be careful. I followed the rules and was deleted.

Posted at 7:58pm Jan 2, 2009 EST


tinahdee says

Wow, that's harsh. You didn't get a warning?

Posted at 8:00pm Jan 2, 2009 EST

That doesn't make any sense! I hate the random Flickr deletions, they make my stomach hurt :( So sorry this happened to you, is there no recourse?

Posted at 8:00pm Jan 2, 2009 EST

bethtastic says

No warning, no explanation, just deleted, like that. Check my mail for a reason, nothing.

Posted at 8:00pm Jan 2, 2009 EST

wow, sorry to hear this!

I know that you can't even hint that you sell what you have in your flikr maybe the word "available" was it. Yikes!

Posted at 8:01pm Jan 2, 2009 EST

They don't always warn you. Flickr isn't for advertising, period, whichever way you wring it, and while one Admin might not feel you are, another one might.

Reminds me to get extra hard drive to back up my pics......

Posted at 8:02pm Jan 2, 2009 EST

I was deleted twice from Flickr...I'm not even sure why the second time.

Posted at 8:03pm Jan 2, 2009 EST

bethtastic says

I don't think so madeinlowell. I only have part of my 365 days collection on this computer too. I guess that's my fault for not backing up the photos, but still. I know I didn't do anything wrong. Just because I put pictures of my jewelry on my site doesn't mean I'm violating the T.O.S. Then the a-holes in the help forum said "I love how people don't read the T.O.S. until after they get deleted." I was like, frell off man, I didn't violate any T.O.S. Is it just because my shop is somewhat successful and listed in my profile that I was deleted?

I mean, I literally made like, 1 sale from have flickr as a venue for posting my jewelry.

Posted at 8:03pm Jan 2, 2009 EST

It kills me how they don't warn :(

Posted at 8:03pm Jan 2, 2009 EST

is using your etsy shop name as a tag a no no?

Posted at 8:04pm Jan 2, 2009 EST