Best Paper for Art Prints?

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Original Post

I'm looking in to selling some of my illustrations as prints, but I'm unsure what type of paper I should be using.

Should it be glossy or matt? Archival? Is there anything else I need to be looking out for?

I also hear rumors of these cello sleeves. Where does one aquire these?

Any help you can offer would be grealy appreciated!

Posted at 9:32pm Jan 2, 2009 EST


I am going to bump this up :)

Posted at 6:42pm Feb 17, 2009 EST

I print all of my photos on Somerset Enhanced Velvet (matte, similar to a watercolor paper). It is very high quality and archival. The cello sleeves I use are archival as well. I do not let anything come in contact with my print unless it is archival.

Posted at 6:45pm Feb 17, 2009 EST

SusanRodio says

I like semi gloss, because it strikes a good balance. :)
All my prints are semi sheen.

Posted at 12:14am Feb 20, 2009 EST

I think it may depend on what technique you intend to use to print them - inkjet prints, screen prints, etc?... As I think about this, I realize you most likely mean inkjet. I always make things harder than they have to be.... So, for inkjet prints, you want something archival, as Undefinedvillage said - otherwise, people are paying you for a piece of art that doesn't last more than a few years.

After that, you have to consider surface. SusanRodio likes semigloss, Undefined likes Somerset Velvet (a very toothy matte) and that's a personal choise, usually. A lot of paper makers sell sample kits - where you get a couple of pages of different types to try out. I'll see if I can find a link to one for you...

Posted at 12:27am Feb 20, 2009 EST

livefunky says

Try for the cello sleeves. As for the paper finish, I happen to like matte finish but I think it's different depending on your taste and your art. Best of luck!

Posted at 12:27am Feb 20, 2009 EST

I did a quick search on etsy for inket paper in supplies and came up with a very short list. You can also try this place - they deal with inkjet paper specifically for artists. Lost of choices in size, type, finish. I've purchased from them several times. The prices are ok, and the service is very good.

Posted at 12:34am Feb 20, 2009 EST

Oh, here's the link to their sample pack section:

Posted at 12:36am Feb 20, 2009 EST

Kschulz says

I use epson ultra premium matte paper for my prints...but i also have an epson printer. The only downfall is that I have to order it online because there are no stores that sell it near me.

Posted at 12:42am Feb 20, 2009 EST

mysticrose says

I also order the sleeves from and also backing board for my prints. I think the paper you select depends on the type of art work you are printing. Some of my customers prefer glossy and some prefer matte. I always use archival papers and ink and Epson and Canon printers depending on the paper I'm using. I buy most of my paper from Red River Paper (online). They have sample packs of their papers. I do a lot of printing of my own work and also for other artists. I have a second shop here on Etsy called Papeterie. I'm always happy to share info. about printing.

Posted at 1:12am Feb 20, 2009 EST