Sellers: Could you PLEASE tag your items correctly!!

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Original Post

Paperika says

I wanted to post this last night but I didn't. I just looked under my category under tags. I constantly see tags tagged with card. It is NOT a card. It's a tag. Same with the opposite. I am seeing cards tagged as tags. NOT THE SAME.

I see other flagrant mis-tagging too and it's clogging up the whole field for those who do want to be seen.

Posted at 3:03pm Jan 4, 2009 EST


this has been an issue forever and still is! PLEASE tag your items as WHAT THEY ARE, and NOT what they can be or may become.

DON'T tag beads as jewelry or charms or earrings. They are BEADS and I do NOT want to see them when I am searching for earrings. And neither do OTHER BUYERS!

Same goes for any kind of jewelry findings and supplies!

This is REALLY important!

Posted at 5:10pm Feb 26, 2009 EST

I think I need to fix my tags, I tag my necklaces with bead because I make the lampworked bead that is in it. Oops, runonthesun makes perfect sense! Off to fix it!

Posted at 5:14pm Feb 26, 2009 EST

I will, when I can figure out how to do it right.

Posted at 5:14pm Feb 26, 2009 EST

my items are tag right...i can defend each and everyone of those tags. It is annoying when you are a buyer and everyting comes up that you don't want b/c the way people tag.

Posted at 5:15pm Feb 26, 2009 EST

Are descriptive tags ok? Like cute, romantic etc?

Posted at 5:16pm Feb 26, 2009 EST

Thank you for posting this again!! I think this is an important topic! I know we are all trying to do our best at tagging. We have a lot of mistags in pottery too. Handmade pottery is handmade from wet clay to finished glazed pottery. It is not handmade if you buy bulk bisqueware or pots and paint them. This was even told to me by admin, but yet so many keep puting their painted things into handmade pottery. I am not sure where they go... housewares?

Posted at 5:17pm Feb 26, 2009 EST

Embellish--descriptive tags are encouraged!

Posted at 5:17pm Feb 26, 2009 EST

crochetgal says

I used to enjoy searching through the many items for sale here on Etsy, but the mistagging has become rampant! There are some shops that I don't even want to see anymore because of their mistagging.

Do these shops not realize that mistagging is actually hurting them?

Posted at 5:19pm Feb 26, 2009 EST