CPSIA - Response from my Senator

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Original Post

piddies says

I wrote to Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah regarding the CPSIA Law and my (and lots of others') concerns about the impact on small business and handcrafted products. I usually couldn't disagree more with Senator Hatch, but his thoughtful response (not a form letter - yay!) gave me a ray of hope. I've reprinted his letter to me in its entirely below.

Dear Ms. Robison:

Thank you for contacting me about the regulations resulting from the CPSIA and potential impact on producers and sellers of homemade or handcrafted products.

As you probably know, Congress approved and the President signed the CPSIA into law in August 2008. The law is intended to remove harmful products from the consumer marketplace, and I supported the legislation.

Often, after Congress enacts new laws, the relevant executive branch agencies issue regulations to provide guidance and technical requirements necessary to keep and enforce the underlying laws. Unfortunately, especially in the case of something as broad as consumer products, it is sometimes the case that the laws or regulations have unintended consequences. The CPSIA was not intended to harm the kinds of small businesses for which you are concerned. It is apparent, however, that the regulations may need to be altered to make exemptions for certain categories of products and businesses.

I know that many people in Utah may be affected by the new regulations promulgated by the CPSIA. I will work with my colleagues in the Seante to try to rectify the problem. The 110th Congress is now at its conclusion, but there should be opportunities to work on this issue beginning in 2009.

Thank you again for writing and sharing your concerns. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me again on this or other issues.

Orrin G. Hatch
United States Senator

Posted at 12:22pm Jan 6, 2009 EST


piddies says

(forgive any typos...typing in a hurry)

Posted at 12:23pm Jan 6, 2009 EST

cheezombie says


Posted at 12:24pm Jan 6, 2009 EST

Thanks for sharing, Piddies! ♥

Posted at 12:24pm Jan 6, 2009 EST

That's very encouraging.

Posted at 12:25pm Jan 6, 2009 EST

thank you piddies!

Posted at 12:26pm Jan 6, 2009 EST

Piddies, at least it looks like Hatch read your letter, a better response than from the rest of the bureaucraps! But, by the time they find the opportunites to work on this, it will be too late for many businesses. Thank you for your efforts.

Posted at 12:26pm Jan 6, 2009 EST

piddies says

I was encouraged by this. Orrin Hatch is one of the most senior senators in the US. If he really puts any effort into getting this amended, other senators will listen and I do believe things will happen.

Posted at 12:27pm Jan 6, 2009 EST

Thanks for perking me up.

Posted at 12:27pm Jan 6, 2009 EST

Good job. I think the next best thing is to find candidates to vote for in 2010 that will address this issue...somehow I doubt he cares. I've had my run-ins with this Senator through emails. He has been in office too long.

keep writing!

Posted at 12:29pm Jan 6, 2009 EST