So Frustrated I Could Spit Nails!!!

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Original Post

I just spent a few hours building a light box, setting up for taking photos of cards and prints. I took 300+ photos and they are all horrible! I didn't use a flash and every stinkin' photo is YELLOW!

Ugh! I thought if I used a light box, I would be able to take photos in the middle of the night and not have to wait for sunlight (when my kids are hangin' all around me).

I'm so frustrated. If you have any suggestions of what to do, I'd love to hear them. I tried doing a little photo editing, but it doesn't look good either.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Posted at 1:29am Jan 8, 2009 EST


have you tried a different bulb in the lights around your box? that worked for us.

Posted at 1:31am Jan 8, 2009 EST

What setting is your camara set on? The white balance needs to be on the correct setting.

Posted at 1:32am Jan 8, 2009 EST

Have you set the white balance on your camera?

Posted at 1:32am Jan 8, 2009 EST

you need to adjust the white balance. hopefully your camera has a simple setting for an incandescent bulb, which is most likely what you have in your light bulb, and what is causing a yellow cast.

Posted at 1:32am Jan 8, 2009 EST

If you use yellow colored light bulbs, your photos will still be yellow. Try a white light bulb or get an ott light. An ott light is a "sunlight" lamp. I use it for all of my photos.

Posted at 1:32am Jan 8, 2009 EST

Also, if it has an "indoor" setting, you should change it to that as mine turns out yellow if it's on any other setting.

Posted at 1:33am Jan 8, 2009 EST

also, you might be able to adjust the color in photoshop, by playing with the levels, white balance and color balance.

Posted at 1:33am Jan 8, 2009 EST

Daylight, blue, light bulbs are available in australia, not sure about US. I use them all the time when illustrating:)

Posted at 1:33am Jan 8, 2009 EST

what kind of camera do you have and what kind of light bulb? The white balance setting and the light bulb needs to match. Does the white of the lightbox look white to you on the camera screen?

Posted at 1:33am Jan 8, 2009 EST