THREADKILLER (WIN $30 ITEM) plus great promotional motivation

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Original Post

Hi everyone! I am still somewhat new to this but have decided that I need to get things moving! So here is the deal:

I am hosting a threadkiller contest here and the prize will be any hat from my shop of a $30 value or less!

Check out the hats:§ion_id=5834176
More to come very, very soon!

1) To qualify for the threadkill, you must visit my shop and comment/post to let me know what item you like best from my shop.
2) This thread much reach 1,000 posts/comments before it can become a threadkill.
3) Your post must be the last post made for a full 24 hours within this thread to recieve the prize.

Remember- I may just be inclined to give out free random gifts to random posters!

In addition to the threadkill- anyone who purchases a hat will recieve 5 of my business cards to handout to anyone they wish. If the person who was referred to me buys a hat from me and enters the original buyers name in the "message to seller" section when purchasing, the original buyer will receive a $2.00 credit towards their next hat(this includes custom orders). *The credit will expire after 6 months time.

Posted at 1:17am Jan 10, 2009 EST


oh! i would wear this ALL the time! even in the shower!

Posted at 1:19am Jan 10, 2009 EST

lol, that is funny chickscratch. Thanks!

Posted at 1:25am Jan 10, 2009 EST

Hmmmm, I think I may have posted this at a bad time last night but that is alright because we have to reach a 1,000 posts before it can become a threadkill!

Posted at 8:27am Jan 10, 2009 EST

Great idea for a contest!
I like all but especially the bunny one!

Posted at 12:52pm Jan 10, 2009 EST

Ty whatshername!

Posted at 1:14pm Jan 10, 2009 EST

I'm going to just keep bumping this until it gets some more attention! The more posts it has, the quicker it can become a threadkill you guys!

Posted at 1:24pm Jan 10, 2009 EST

lookie! great oppurtunity to get a free hat!

Posted at 1:34pm Jan 10, 2009 EST

I want more posts!

Posted at 1:41pm Jan 10, 2009 EST