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Welcome to the EtsyVoguettes Chat thread!

★ Blog: www.etsyvoguettes.blogspot.com

Team Profile: team.etsy.com/profilest/aus.shtml (scroll down)

To join, please visit the team profile page (for members of the Australian Vogue forum). New EtsyVoguettes are always welcome!

All members are welcome to become an author on the blog- please contact VintagePrincipessa (links to your personal blog can also be placed on the blog if you let me know)

This thread is for ideas, questions, sharing items you love, random chat and everything else!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Posted at 10:05pm Jan 11, 2009 EST


Hi everyone :) I am going to put a *sale* post up on the blog (after it was suggested by AliceWearsGold), so post here if you're having a sale or want to specifically offer Voguettes a discount (or convo me).

I'm hoping to 'spread the word' a bit through other Vogue forum bloggers, so hopefully we'll have some more visits to the site.

Posted at 10:15pm Jan 11, 2009 EST

honeywell says

Hi VP! Just wanted to say thanks for adding me to the sidebar on the etsyvoguettes blog ♥

Posted at 1:20am Jan 12, 2009 EST

No problems at all! You have gorgeous stuff :) I love the swan earrings!!

Posted at 1:24am Jan 12, 2009 EST

Yay Thanks for starting the thread vp you are so much more organised than me LOL! So I will give the sale idea a kickstart by offering a one week only 'welcome to 2009' sale of 20% off for all my lovely fellow vogeuette etsians :) Convo me with your username before purchasing so I can reserve a listing for you at the discounted price or use your vogue username in the checkout notes for me to refund the difference! Starts tomorrow (Tuesday the 13th of January) until Tuesday 20th. Thanks guys and happy Etsy shopping :)

Posted at 7:42am Jan 12, 2009 EST

honeywell says

Aw thanks, VP! I'm sure you already know that I'm enamoured with that dress in your avatar! ;)

I'm happy to offer voguettes a 10% discount on all items in my store until the end of January - convo me & I'll set up a reserved listing. Cheeri-o!

Posted at 4:44pm Jan 12, 2009 EST

Linzzzy says

Hello fellow etsyvoguettes!

If anyone needs banners or avatars or anything for their shop, contact me! I'm bored and need cash and hey, name your price, I'll take anything at this stage :lol:

Posted at 11:06pm Jan 12, 2009 EST

Haha alicewearsgold....not organised...it's called PhD-avoidance ;)
Honeywell- yes I love it too! I think I'll almost be happy if it never sells :)

I have put the sale feature up on our blog- let me know if you'd like anything changed (including pics). Also if your other pics I've got up sell let me know- I did change one the other day that had sold, but I might not notice.

If anyone has any ideas for letting other Voguettes know about our blog let us know! I'll be commenting on blogs and hopefully we'll get some more traffic that way. Spread the word if you can. Just be a bit careful on the VogueForum (also you might want to be careful about posting your shop name on there- the VFP might smack you).

Let me know also if you'd like your personal blog listed on the VoguettesBlog (there are only a couple there so far).


Posted at 2:09am Jan 13, 2009 EST