CPSIA Class Action Suit

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Original Post

Have you heard about this? Do you plan to participate in it? I've only had a couple sales in the last couple years so I don't know if I'm eligible, I guess I'm what would be termed a "hobby seller".


Please read the following press release. If you are an interested party directly affected by the CPSIA that will take effect as of February 10th, I urge you to join us in this class action lawsuit.

Contact me or the contacts listed below for additional information.

Warmest Regards,
Dawn Michelle LaPolla
Baby Sprout Naturals
Reform Petition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Moms ban together to save their businesses.
Moms ban together to save their businesses. Rachele Dressler-Sweetser is a mother of 3 and owns Monkey Baby, a creative children's clothing line. This business is not only her additional "baby" but her main source of income. She created Monkey Baby out of necessity. As a single mother she was faced with the issue of a sick child with medical needs that could not be left alone. She combined her creative sewing skills and marketing knowledge to create a fun and successful children's clothing line. Waking up to a new year she is faced with her legs being knocked out from under her with this quiet law going into effect with huge consequences.
Dressler-Sweetser says "I have built this business out of love for my children and my God-given talents. It is my dream, livelihood and my future. I can't sit still. I understand the need to keep our children safe but this law is too broad. It is not in anyone's interest as it is currently written." Dressler-Sweetser has contacted the Kushner Law Firm to begin the process of a Class Action Suit to prevent the law's enforcement of the February 10, 2009 deadline. She is actively contacting businesses owners that this law will effect to ban with her in preventing its enforcement on February 10, 2009.
The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) is requiring lead testing on all products (including apparel and components of apparel which knowingly have little or no lead such as ribbon, tulle, thread, elastic etc.) designed for children under the age of 12. "This new Act is unconstitutionally overbroad and vague, and disregards the significant and disastrous impact on small and medium businesses as Section 605 of the Regulatory Flexibility Act requires" says Michael Kushner, of The Kushner Law Firm.
Immediate action is required in order to save many businesses and to keep costs from skyrocketing for children's toys, accessories and clothing.
Rachele Dressler-Sweetser
949.916.9288 ph.
949.916.9087 fx.

Michael Kushner
The Kushner Law Firm
949.421.3030 ph.
949.421.3031 fx.

Posted at 12:40am Jan 12, 2009 EST


moving this up for those who are interested...

Posted at 7:50am Jan 12, 2009 EST

Keeping it on top.

Professional, coordinated efforts like this will have a large impact ... especially when combined with the passionate, heart-felt stories of real people adversely affected by these regulations.

Posted at 8:24am Jan 12, 2009 EST

I'm totally a "hobbyist" ATM, but I'll be happy to bump this up!! It's going to affect a lot of us here directly.

Posted at 8:28am Jan 12, 2009 EST

Be sure to read this link for a professional, legal summation of the problem:
Michael Kushner
The Kushner Law Firm
949.421.3030 ph.
949.421.3031 fx.

Posted at 8:31am Jan 12, 2009 EST

kunklebaby says


Posted at 9:52am Jan 12, 2009 EST

Needs another boost.

Posted at 10:33am Jan 12, 2009 EST

Hmmm...interesting. Are they sellers on Etsy?

Posted at 10:38am Jan 12, 2009 EST

cicrafts says

This is a great way to go if your "business" is your total source of income. Since it is more a "hobby" business for me, I do not fit in the class. However, I know it is for a lot of people on this forum and many others. Maybe, they should consider joining the "class".

Posted at 10:42am Jan 12, 2009 EST


Posted at 10:51am Jan 12, 2009 EST