Wanna win 50 different $20 gift certificates??? Welcome to ROUND 3 of WITB

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Original Post

How would you like the opportunity to win a $20 gift certificate to 50 different AMAZING etsy shops????


Welcome to ROUND 3 of Whats In The Box (WITB)

* all you have to do is REPLY to this thread.
* each reply is another entry to the drawing.
* chat, self promote, or look through the FEATURE SHOPS and let us know what YOU'd put in the box if YOU WON!!!
* PLEASE BE CONSTRUCTIVE... one letter or one word answers DO NOT COUNT!!! So, if you are chatting it up,please make sure you add more than one word to your reply if you want it to count as an entry in the drawing.
* once we get 50 shops to each donate one $20 gift certificate we WAIT ABOUT A WEEK, so the last shops who joined get some exposure, and then we PULL 50 DIFFERENT WINNERS FROM THIS THREAD!!!!!
* Winners will be drawn using a random number generator to pull the winning page and then a random number generator to pull the winning line. This process will repeat until 50 different winners are chosen and assigned to the FEATURE SHOPS!!!
* you dont have to donate anything to play.
* and if you do donate, you can still win ;D
* enter as often as you want :D

we play a lot of games and give out prizes as we
go :)

we also have SPECIAL OFFERS that are only
available to those who read it here :)

PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for a WITB prize your account must be in good standing with a positive feedback percentage of 98% or higher.

if you have any q's just contact me or ask one of the FEATURE SELLERS on the most RECENT LIST near the LAST page of THIS thread.

*** Absolutely no purchase necessary! ***


1. FromMyHandsToYours.etsy.com - DESTASH, jewelry, scarves, shredded t's
2. LizardQueenJewelry.etsy.com - ONE OF A KIND & Custom Jewelry
3. JewelryByJenn.etsy.com - CUSTOM jewelry at AFFORDABLE prices
4. LuckyRosiesCreations.etsy.com - one of a kind creations
5. JodayCraf.etsy.com - handmade and vintage jewelry
6. Desera21.etsy.com - handmade bows and clippies :)
7. HavenDawnDesigns.etsy.com - stunning handmade pendants
8. ClearLakeCreations.etsy.com - handmade quality bath and beauty
9. LincolnChristian.etsy.com - unique glass tile pendants
10. MacriPhotography.etsy.com - Fine art photography
11. AudreysCountryCrafts.etsy.com - decorative/tole painting

thanks so much... and GOOD LUCK!!!!


Posted at 7:41pm Jan 12, 2009 EST



Posted at 7:42pm Jan 12, 2009 EST

Sellers if you wanna be a part of this exciting experience and help get the word out about YOUR shop convo me! I'd love to add YOU to the FEATURE SELLER LIST ;D

If you have questions about WITB please go to www.iwannawinthebox.blogspot.com for more info
or convo frommyhandstoyours.etsy.com here

Posted at 7:46pm Jan 12, 2009 EST

its free to enter the contest...
each reply is another entry.

self promote if you wanna and enter as often as you want.

its a $20 gift certificate donation and a $5 entry fee to be featured. 25% of your entry fee will go to charity (axis of justice) and the rest I will use to buy advertising for YOU :D

when you become a feature shop you automatically get added to our superstar bnr here


its super fun but that part is optional :D

Posted at 7:48pm Jan 12, 2009 EST

Thank you Az
I was getting withdrawals!

Posted at 7:53pm Jan 12, 2009 EST

Hiddee! I missed ya'll today!

Posted at 7:56pm Jan 12, 2009 EST

Welcome back everyone!

Posted at 7:56pm Jan 12, 2009 EST

Hey haven and lizard!! I missed y'all too!

Posted at 7:56pm Jan 12, 2009 EST

wowie we all posted in the same minuet! :D

Posted at 7:57pm Jan 12, 2009 EST