How do you like sending and receiving orders?

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Original Post

ArtMind says

This morning I got one of my purchases chucked in an envelope without a business card or a thank you note.
I was dissapointed and felt like a number.
Definately not what I generally feel when purchasing handmade.
Personally I take great care in packing and sending my items - I suppose I just like to be treated the same way...
What about you?

Posted at 2:56pm Jan 14, 2009 EST


LaurieRyan says

that is why I made myself some thank you notes to include in my order I tend to forget that and when i hand write something it looks tacky to me so I made some.

Posted at 2:57pm Jan 14, 2009 EST

I wouldn't take it too personally. I get plenty of items like that (usually supplies, not "personal" purchases) - as long as I'm happy with the item and it's carefully packaged, I'm pleased. For my own shop, I definitely write thank you's and enclose a small gift - but that's just me :)

Posted at 2:58pm Jan 14, 2009 EST

I like the personal touch as well. That's why I like shopping on Etsy. Everyone I have purchased from has either sent me a small "extra" or a thank you note.

Posted at 2:58pm Jan 14, 2009 EST

I don't send business cards (don't have any) but I do include the invoice, usually with a short hand-written message on it.

Personally I don't care about the business cards or thank you notes in packages I receive - most are thrown out anyway.

Posted at 2:59pm Jan 14, 2009 EST

nemeton says

I pack my items as carefully as I can to avoid damage, and try to make the parcels look professional even though I re-use most of my packaging materials. I always include a copy of the Etsy invoice and/or Paypal packing slip, with a personalised message to the buyer, and a business card or compliments slip, and if it's a big order a 'little extra' to say thank you.
All this takes time though, and adds to my shipping costs, so maybe your seller was super-busy and/or trying to shave off a little bit of those costs?

Posted at 2:59pm Jan 14, 2009 EST

I like to see some special touches if I order handmade, if its just supplies...I dont really care as long as it is well protected. I like to make my packages unique and something special to represent the style and care in my work.

Posted at 2:59pm Jan 14, 2009 EST

I like to make sure I acknowledge the sale via a convo or email too. I don't like it either when they don't tell you they have received the order. No business card, that is just strange!

Posted at 3:00pm Jan 14, 2009 EST

So far I haven't had a problem like that, anywhere actually. But I take my time packing my orders. I always send a business card with orders. well except right now because I have something like 1 left. >.< Really wish I could have reordered since I'm going out Saturday and am going to wear jewelry I made. Oh well, I suppose I can print on plain paper and glue to a sheet of avery business cards (I can't print directly on them, my printer feeds them wrong), just so I have a few for going out.

but yes, everything packed with care here.

Posted at 3:00pm Jan 14, 2009 EST

savor says

I go for swift, efficient packaging and shipping, with care applied so that the items are not damaged in transit. My customers seem to appreciate that, based on feedback. I don't go for lots of frills -- it adds time and cost and my customers want their soap quickly! :)

Posted at 3:01pm Jan 14, 2009 EST