Can I feature something you've made in my Blog? Friday Free 4 all!

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Original Post

hi everyone! For tomorrows blog feature, its a free 4 all! Post a link to what you consider your BEST handmade item!! Get your links in early as I will do the feature in the afternoon tomorrow :o) Heres the blog link:

Posted at 9:35pm Jan 15, 2009 EST


Hi Avidhunter3,I'll help you get things going.

The treasury letters/words are very nice.

Posted at 9:41pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

thank you! I loved it!

Posted at 9:43pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

SusanRodio says

Here is one of my faves from my shop

The Forest At Night - ACEO/mini print

Posted at 9:46pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

and I think I will add another twist to it:
WHY is it your BEST item? Is there a story to tell with it, did it take you a long time? YOUR BEST ITEM, and WHY its your best!

Posted at 9:49pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

Grannyzann says

Hi Avid here are my favorites - this one my granddaughter requested I make this one - showcases my love of toile - again a love of toile and winnie the pooh

Posted at 9:53pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

This is just one of my custom ring sales:

It is for 3 rings, but the picture shows a lot of my wire ring work. They are hard on the hands and take meticulous time, so those are my bests!

Posted at 9:53pm Jan 15, 2009 EST