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Original Post

papermasks says

I recently sent this idea to the Handmade Toy Alliance. I'm going to post it anywhere I can hope to bring light to this issue.

I am not an Etsy seller, but I was planning on becoming one. To sell toys. I was going to use it to not only bring another option to people for their children, but to help supplement my income in this failing economy. That now looks like a bleak option thanks to this ridiculous legislation.

It seems that many people are being met with the same reaction from our Congressional representatives. Just a blanket, "We understand, but you'll understand this is the right thing." Or an answer that pretty much comes from their staff. They don't really answer questions because they really don't understand. These people don't craft. They don't make things for themselves. Their grandmothers might have, but they don't. All they see is an easy answer for a problem in front of them, nevermind that nothing is ever that easy. Nothing is that black and white.

Here's my suggestion:

What I'm thinking is that we need to start enlisting the aid of every crafter, reseller, homeschool supplier, toymaker, etc. we can find and have them send examples to our Congress people exactly what their blanket legislation is hurting. Imagine Congress, or even Mr. Obama (which it might be better to send it all to him), getting inundated with thousands of homemade toys, clothing, learning aids, Native American cultural pieces, and more with tags on them saying, "Thanks to the CPSIA, this handcrafted (insert item type) which was made with love and a determination to protect our children from dangerous toys and big business practices will be illegal after Feb 10. Thanks to the CPSIA, my (homebased/small/individually run/resell) business will be forced to go bankrupt."

It's hard to ignore thousands of toys. It's hard to just push us to the side when Mr. Obama can't see the floor of the oval office for all the handcrafted items staring at him asking what is he going to do next. And, it's bound to get some much needed public attention beyond the craft world. CNN was a start, but it can't stop there.

I don't know if this rings well with you guys, but I think it's what I plan on doing, and I'm going to try to enlist everyone I know. I thought of sending it to our local Congress people but receiving it in bulk in one place would be better. I'm going to try to find out where we can reach Obama, and if we have to wait until after next week, then so be it. The Oval Office it is. This law is the most ridiculous thing I've ever come across and I'll be damned if someone is going to force handcrafting into the underground over little-minded bureaucracy.

If someone has already suggested this, then very cool. I'm totally on board. If not, then hey, it's never too late to be heard.

Posted at 10:03pm Jan 15, 2009 EST


4mybaby says

I like the idea but then I am from a small state and only have 3 Senators and 1 Congressman so it wouldn't be hard for me. You are right, it would be hard to miss thousands of packages with children's products coming to your office.

Posted at 10:06pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

papermasks says

That's why I think it might be best to hit the oval office with this. Let Obama see it. It's doubtful he even knows what's going on since he's got a war and an economy to worry over. This seriously effects the economy, he has to know that!

Posted at 10:11pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

Hey papermasks -- I think this is a great idea and I am game -- I will send off a bib or something like that to the Oval Office -- although, in reality, I don't think that Obama will ever see it -- he might see a report about it or something, but probably not the actual packages. I even think that adding a request to have the items donated to a charity after it has made its statement is a good idea as well!

I will keep checking back to see if this is something that will be done en mass --- and I will get my item ready to be sent!


Posted at 10:23pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

papermasks says

He might not see them, but there will be questions.

Donation request would be awesome!

I'm not sure how we can do it en masse. Anyone have a clue about that one?

Should we just try to schedule a day and send them all at once?


Posted at 10:28pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

woolies says

with the same letter in each one....

Posted at 10:31pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

papermasks says

"Thanks to the CPSIA as it it is written, handcrafted items meant for the betterment of our children will be made effectively illegal because the small businesses, crafters, and individuals who create these items will never be able to afford to meet the standards set by this legislation. This sweeping legislation will force thousands of small businesses into bankruptcy, effectively further crippling an already crippled economy."

Or something to that effect? Maybe someone has something shorter and catchier. I have an English degree. I don't know the meaning of succinct. :-)

Posted at 10:40pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

karismith says

Mail to the white house is so delayed because of homeland security measures. If our packages even make it past the mail room - Im sure they will not be in their intact state.
I hate to be a bummer cause I think its a great idea - I just giggle at the thought of the Obamas coming home to the white house and the floor of the oval office full of our great things!!!

Posted at 10:44pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

papermasks says

Yes, DHS are hardnosed, but we have to try, right? I'm still willing to try if nothing else, just to say I tried.

Posted at 10:46pm Jan 15, 2009 EST

karismith says

I'm with ya - Id love to see my bows
(or anyone elses for that matter) in the girls hair at some social event!!

Posted at 11:04pm Jan 15, 2009 EST