Can we learn something from those who are doing well?

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Original Post

jujulee says

Well I wanted to find out.

I have learned quite a bit,

I have a new blog "Hot Items Of The Week"
I'm adding a few each day and learned a lot

Could you imagine selling 100 items a month or 50 a day? I would love just one a day!
Check out these great finds, and lets learn from them

Posted at 12:53pm Jan 16, 2009 EST


I know I have learned A LOT from people who have stores that sell well! Great blog BTW!

Posted at 12:54pm Jan 16, 2009 EST

jujulee says


please share what you have learned we all are dying to learn a little each day. that's why we hang out here in forms!

Posted at 12:56pm Jan 16, 2009 EST

I definitely have learned a ton from those who were successful before me, for sure. Wish that there were more threads with those sellers talking too.

One of the things that I really took to heart was trying to be professional in the forums, at all times, even when you are really mad. I think that was something that gemmfactrix always displayed.

Posted at 1:11pm Jan 16, 2009 EST

jujulee says

You have done so well, 672 sales in 6 months
this looks like your Hot Item this week
I will have to add you to this blog
Thanks so much for letting me find you I may need to buy some samples too

Posted at 1:20pm Jan 16, 2009 EST

Wow, i couldn't make that many items in a month! Perhaps the secret to those super successful shops is they spend less time in the forums...^.^ But I just can't tear myself away.

Posted at 1:23pm Jan 16, 2009 EST

jujulee says


the two other shops that listed in this threadstrawberryluna, and shopredleaf are doing amazingly well and they are here helping us through, giving us encouragement. that is why I love Etsy!

Posted at 1:26pm Jan 16, 2009 EST

when I first pictures were terrible someone suggested that for them, natural light worked best and that is what we decided to do and it worked!

Posted at 1:45pm Jan 16, 2009 EST

I've learned to just make what I make and not fret about other peoples fabulous designs and get discouraged that I didn't think of it! haha.

Posted at 1:47pm Jan 16, 2009 EST

And I LOVE ShopRedLeaf-her stuff is amazing!!

Posted at 1:47pm Jan 16, 2009 EST