paper used in earrings

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Original Post

jerise says

Does anyone have hints about how to protect, even lacquer, bits of paper that I'd like to use in making earrings? I don't want to lose the paper, strippy effect, and I'd like writing to be clear on them... is there a special clear lacquer that isn't toxic and might be usable?

Posted at 11:37pm Jan 18, 2009 EST


jmonty says

i've used 'mod podge' in the past. it's very thick but it can waterproof paper earrings.

Posted at 11:40pm Jan 18, 2009 EST

hi, like this?


If you want the writting to be unsmudged... its actually more dependant on the ink and the type of paper you use rather then the gloss. It's really alot of trial and error.

Visit my blog for alittle more info on this

Posted at 11:52pm Jan 18, 2009 EST

jerise says

Thanks! Yes, exactly like your paper earrings, papereden! I read your blog about this, but I couldn't find the next one... where you said you would talk about the particular types of gloss & glue you can use. Maybe it's in the works, though: I will check back with your blog... What beautiful work you do!!

Mod Podge: thank you, jmonty--I'm going to look for this.

Basically, I just want to waterproof, and maybe stiffen a bit (but not too much). I have this vision of words hanging down in strips...

Posted at 12:17am Jan 19, 2009 EST

acrylic varnish - it seals paintings both on paper and canvas

Posted at 12:24am Jan 19, 2009 EST

sarahjane9 says


I love paper jewelry a lot, i have a great collection of it, try waterproof paper, i use to make earring for my self with had made papers, and believe me it look fabulous, try to get some paper jewelry made of silk paper.


Posted at 12:33am Jan 19, 2009 EST

yes you can use acrylic varnish.

To seal and stiffen the paper you can use...

- outdoor water resistant gloss
- Decoupage finish ( this will give a matt finish instead of glossy)
- shelac

If you're using multipieces of paper you need to glue them 1st then varnish them. You can use

- clear paper sealer (from spotlight)
- Almost any glue that dries clear

Always brush on evrything above, dont dip the piece.

Wether it smudges your paper or not depends on the ink and paper. I have paper without any wording that smudges lol

hope that helps

Posted at 12:39am Jan 19, 2009 EST

To test if the piece is really ok with water, dunk the finished piece in a glass of water for 3-5 mins.

If the piece is not well coated or if the glue/gloss you're using is not good, the piece will just disintergrate. Sometimes there are glues which turn clear on drying but then become opaque again if it touches water. So thats not good.

Posted at 12:43am Jan 19, 2009 EST

jerise says

Thanks, everyone--this is REALLY helpful, you have no idea...

Posted at 12:47am Jan 19, 2009 EST

ok, post up jerise :)

Posted at 1:30am Jan 19, 2009 EST