Is there such a thing called "Blacklisted Esty Sellers"?

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Original Post

Suwanee says

If so, what is it? I was checking my GA and saw this as one of the searches. Are some Etsy sellers really blacklisted? If so, by whom, and where would the list be found?

Posted at 9:43pm Jan 20, 2009 EST


My GA told me the same thing. There was a thread about this the other day

Posted at 9:44pm Jan 20, 2009 EST

There are Etsy sellers that are banned from the forums. There's a website called UEN. (unofficial etsy news...). I haven't checked it in months and months....

Posted at 9:45pm Jan 20, 2009 EST

I suspect it was just a forum topic or a comment in a thread. The GA results are pulling up all sorts of odd stuff, reflecting searches that bring people to Etsy, not necessarily to your shop.

There is no official blacklist.

Posted at 9:45pm Jan 20, 2009 EST

I saw that too in my GA. It gave me pause, but I forgot all about it!

Posted at 9:46pm Jan 20, 2009 EST

tinahdee says

There isn't an official list. It's just something that's been talked about in the forums - sometimes people will say they're not going to buy from a certain seller because of something they've said or done on Etsy. Since it's been talked about in the forums, sometimes that phrase shows up in search results that ultimately at some point lead to your shop. It's a tenuous connection at best. I wouldn't worry about it.

Posted at 9:46pm Jan 20, 2009 EST

Do you mean sellers who were kicked off Etsy or a list of sellers people have decided not to purchase from in the future?

If it's the latter, I think it's a private list...I've heard of it but have never seen it.

Posted at 9:46pm Jan 20, 2009 EST

There was a thread about sellers creating their own personal blacklist, and I guess anyone who posted in the thread shows up with that search in GA.

Posted at 9:46pm Jan 20, 2009 EST

artbyangie says

I don't know...but it sounds like a not so nice thing to do. But everyone has their reasons, and I'm sure their fair :)

*please don't black list me.....puppy dog eyes* hehe

Posted at 9:48pm Jan 20, 2009 EST

oh and then of course there is the infamous

Posted at 9:48pm Jan 20, 2009 EST