Medieval/Renaissance Festival Pavilion/Tent?

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Original Post

I'm hoping someone here can help me figure out what to do about my tent issues.

I have a 10' x 10' EZup tent that I purchased last year. It's great for most shows but we've graduated to mostly doing Celtic and Renaissance festivals and we need something more "period" looking. I've found a few suppliers online, however, when I purchased my EZup I thought that was expensive; little did I know that "period" pavilions are upwards of $1600.

Can anyone recommend a supplier, give me some info, etc about this situation? Has anyone on Etsy made their own pavilion?

Posted at 11:21am Jan 22, 2009 EST


I did a renaissance fair once and had to have it look right. The lady was amazed what I did with 48 hours notice. I got some CHEAP gold and purple satin fabric. The gold I had cut into 4 triangles and at each corner I velcro'ed the top two corners to the top of my tent. I then velcro'ed the bottom to the bottom of my tent. (right at the pole) I took the purple satin and fishing wire and made scallops going all the way around my tent, using the fishing wire to make the actual scallops. I held the top of the fabric up with more velcro. I used velcro dots. It looks awesome when you get it complete. I spent under $40.00 for all the fabric and supplies.

HTH :)

Posted at 11:25am Jan 22, 2009 EST

I would suggest looking online for information from the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), as many folks in that group do make their own pavilions One link I found that has lots of info on tents and tentmaking is here:

I have made several pavilions, both for camping and for merchanting. It is possible to have a very lovely and water-resistant booth and camping space for less than $1600.

There are many options for canvas, I'm assuming that you want canvas rather than plastic... Personally I have used extra wide (8 ft)artist canvas from Daniel Smith Art Supply for my roofs, I did not want to deal with chemical waterproofing. If you need waterproofed, fireproofed canvas you will need to do some online research to find the materials. Heavy canvas can be sewn on a home sewing machine, possible, but challenging. For tent poles I use wooden closet poles, with a large nail in one end to hold the grommets. Guy ropes are 1/4" manila rope from the hardware store... My tent pegs were forged by a blacksmith friend, but some people use huge nails with washers as rope stops...

It is important to reinforce any grommets with extra layers of fabric, so that they do not pull out of your tent fabric. In some cases sewn-in fabric loops will work better than metal grommets.

I just realised that my comments are all assuming that you are set up in a place where you can pound tent pegs into the ground. If you are set up on pavement, I'm not sure what your options are.

Good luck, it is all possible, and on a somewhat lower budget

Posted at 11:41am Jan 22, 2009 EST

Cool, Attitudes! Unfortunately, I am completely lost when it comes to anything involving fabric. My attempt at making a simple eye pillow years ago was an exercise in disaster.

I'm wondering if I can use my EZup as a frame and just purchase the Medieval tent to put on top of it?

Posted at 11:42am Jan 22, 2009 EST

Thanks for the info, Artisanry. I found the SCA website and their links to making and/or purchasing a pavilion. I'm comparing pricing between the major suppliers now. It looks like one place allows renting of their tents so maybe that would be a good temporary option.

Posted at 11:45am Jan 22, 2009 EST

I just got home from Home Depot where I bought 3 9X12 canvas painters tarps,I am going to sew them end to end and add some gromets,They will be 4feet short of going around my 10X10 but I am going to use another piece of fabric for the door.This will pass for "period" you can paint on these and the best thing is they are only $20.00 apeice with tax I paid $64.00.

Posted at 9:05pm Mar 18, 2011 EDT

Found this site, it had lots of ideas and a few no sew options too.

I am having the same problem! I thought my EZup tent was pricey too! I have a bit of sewing skill so I like the idea of covering my EZup with fabric.

Posted at 4:34pm Apr 19, 2011 EDT

Wow, I m glad I stumbled across this. All great info!

Posted at 1:59pm May 11, 2011 EDT

Claybykim says

Yes, great information and some neat ideas. Thanks!

Posted at 2:13pm May 11, 2011 EDT

Good info!

Posted at 2:20pm May 11, 2011 EDT