XRF Testing Party in Michigan

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Anyone else interested in getting information? We're up to 23 right now. I am not sure how much this guy can do in one day (I think we're up to 2 days of testing right now...) I'm meeting with him tomorrow to schedule time so let me know as soon as you can if you want to be included in this round of testing.

Posted at 6:59pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

Superfly, are you still considering letting people send items to you? If so, I'll send you a convo. :)

Posted at 7:05pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

CandSstore says

Superfly, If we are able to mail items I would be interested. I live in tennessee and have not found anyone to join in with to test.

Posted at 8:33pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

We have some people who are mailing items. I'll find out from our testing guy what he thinks as far as our volume right now. I would be more than happy to have people send stuff. I'll check tomorrow and post again as soon as I hear anything.

Posted at 9:23pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

Hi everybody! Thanks for your interest in our little party. We have 2 days set up now with Dennis for testing. Some people have expressed an interest in sending items to us - I think we can accommodate a couple more, but we're filling up fast. Thanks to all of you who have been great about getting your information to me quickly - it's making the planning process much easier! If you didn't get the update from last night's meeting with Dennis, please email me or convo me and I'll send it on. Thanks! Holly

Posted at 9:48am Jan 28, 2009 EST

I'm sending my stuff tomorrow. Thank you SO much for setting this up!!!!!

Posted at 9:52am Jan 28, 2009 EST

susies51 says

I am not in your state, but I need to find a testing lab in Alabama. Does anyone from the South know of a lab?

Posted at 9:56am Jan 28, 2009 EST

ivyandmae says

dang, I wished I live close, but ID is too far away!

I'd be up for mailing the fabrics/buttons that I use.

Just convo me!

Posted at 11:54am Jan 28, 2009 EST

thelab says

Hey, I'm a former Michigander and wanted to make sure you saw this post. Apparently, NBC affiliate wants to feature some people from the Detroit area:


Keep us posted!

Posted at 7:14am Jan 29, 2009 EST

I would like to but in NC :( Can I mail them to him??

Posted at 7:45am Jan 29, 2009 EST