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Original Post

I'm Australian. I make dollhouse miniatures. These are definitely adult collectables- I'd NEVER give it to a child. But people see 'dollhouse' and think 'children' because they don't know any better. But I *am* in Australia.

Do I have to be personally concerned about my business about this?

Posted at 7:45pm Jan 25, 2009 EST


i would say no, not only b/c it is a dollhouse minature but the adults are the ones buying it - not like some 8-10 year old is logging onto etsy, purchasing and then using their parents paypal account, i would also put in your store that this is not intended for children under 12.

what i dont understand is here in the states if a child is a certain age, you cannot take them to a movie it has suggestions, how come we cannot put - as per CPSIA we are to test for lead but if we didnt use at your own discretion (this way the parents can make the choice)

Posted at 7:50pm Jan 25, 2009 EST

Well, I personally don't care too much if someone gives their very careful 10 year old one of my miniatures- my mother broke the rules on the whole 'not for under 13s!' too. :P But i sure as heck wouldn't recommend it, nor would I aim my products at children. I just know that sometimes they're given them.

I'm not breaking any Australian laws by selling them, there's no lead in it- the problem is choking hazards and the fact it's breakable.

However, Etsy won't say 'THIS IS FOR DOLLHOUSES I'M SHUTTING YOU DOWN' will they?

Your US customs won't say 'omg it's for dollhouses!' and confiscate the package?

Posted at 7:59pm Jan 25, 2009 EST

PoshDots says

I was big into dollhouses as a child. I would say they would need to be tested if you sell them to a US buyer. Parents buy my work, too...not children. That does not exempt it.

Posted at 8:36pm Jan 25, 2009 EST

... it's not dollhouses for children though. Dollhouse miniatures is an adult hobby.
And I never make any items the same so... yeah.

Posted at 9:06pm Jan 25, 2009 EST

PoshDots says

But, how do you know where it is going when you sell it? If this law affects makers of collectible dolls, it will affect makers of dollhouse miniatures, too. I wish it didn't! But, the way this (stupid) law reads, it does.

All of my work is ooak, too. Unfortunately, testing will destroy it. So, what do I do? That fact does not exempt me. All I can so is pray there is a change! :)

The fact that you use polymer clay may also require phthalate testing as well. I'm not sure, but it's something to look in to.

Posted at 9:38pm Jan 25, 2009 EST

Well, I guess worst comes to worst, I stop selling it to the US.

Posted at 10:49pm Jan 25, 2009 EST

Livinginthepast, I contacted Congressman Bobby Rush's office about this AND the general counsel at the CPSC. I was told by both that unless the item is PRIMARILY INTENDED for children and marketed as such, it is NOT covered by this law.

The congressional aide actually got frustrated and a little angry when I told him about the rumors here on etsy, where individuals are insisting that the law coves anything that a child might be interested in. He said this is not the case, and that the CPSC is focusing their efforts on those who willingly and knowingly market and sell dangerous items intended for children 12 and under.

So according to "the powers that be", you will be fine.

Posted at 10:57pm Jan 25, 2009 EST

Oh okay good.
So if I made some chunkier stuff for the 8-12 year old range, I couldn't sell it to Americans?

I'll stop panicking then.

Posted at 11:30pm Jan 25, 2009 EST

Is it true about the children's books in libraries, and the antique toys? (I am interested in collecting antiques and children's books)

Posted at 11:32pm Jan 25, 2009 EST