How to Advertise Online as an Etsy Seller

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Original Post

NeatThings says

Hi, all.

I thought this might be useful to you. I've never been a big fan of advertising (even though I'm a marketing professional), but I thought I'd try PW to see how it was.

I tallied my thoughts and results in a few posts on my blog. Along with some tips if you're going to advertise. Take a look if you're interested.

I'll add more information as I continue doing the research.

Posted at 11:50am Jan 26, 2009 EST


NeatThings says

Oh, and please let me know if this is at all useful.

Posted at 11:52am Jan 26, 2009 EST

Very neat. Project Wonderful is pretty awesome! I've had very good results myself with their campaign feature.

Posted at 11:53am Jan 26, 2009 EST

Question - it looks like you picked the blogs yourself.

I would suggest advertising with their campaign feature.

Posted at 11:53am Jan 26, 2009 EST

NeatThings says

Moon, I picked the blogs myself?

I may try campaigns, if I decide to throw more money at it. But honestly, the cost of advertising compared to the revenue is grim.

Posted at 11:55am Jan 26, 2009 EST

Neat - I like your breakdown and may try something similar. Since I do campaigns, I really let them decide where to place it. I know I've gotten two sales from it.

I spent $10 on my "January campaign" which ran from Dec 23 - Jan 23. One of the sales was for $14 and another was for $16. That's $30 for me - and the $10 I spent is a third of my profits. That may still be a little high, but I figure even if someone doesn't buy while the ad is actually running, they may come back later.

Posted at 11:57am Jan 26, 2009 EST

jinx1764 says

Actually I think it's very useful. I would have posted sooner but I was busying posting a link to your blog and shop on my blog. I completely agree with you final opinion. For us small online sellers you have to inject the personal element or we're just another hawker of wares. My dad was in sales for years and I hate hard sells also.

Posted at 12:08pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

Neat and jinx - just out of curiosity, will you continue advertising, just maybe go elsewhere? Where are you thinking about advertising now?

We're all in the same boat - how do we drive traffic to our Etsy shops?

Posted at 12:22pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

Marmalady says

"...That's $30 for me - and the $10 I spent is a third of my profits...."

No actually -- thats a third of your turnover!

your profit is the sale price of the item (turnover), less material costs,labour costs,overheads

so that $10 could well be the whole of your profit on those items

Posted at 12:27pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

I applied to Project Wonderful to Provide ad space on my blog. They refused me because they said I did not have enough postings. LOL

Oh well, maybe another time.

Posted at 12:33pm Jan 26, 2009 EST