Collage & mixed media artists, discuss techniques, materials, finished work

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Original Post

This is an on going thread, started every Monday for mixed media, collage, paper artists or those interested in learning--to discuss your materials, techniques and work. Anybody is welcome to join in.

Posted at 12:03pm Jan 26, 2009 EST


You must have started this while I was typing on the old one. Well at least I'm getting in on the beginning of this one!!

Posted at 12:11pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

Hey morning girl! Yes, I figure we were typing at the same time!

Posted at 12:12pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

Also, for the sweet lady who told me she also had a depth perception problem, I will convo you. If you don't have that problem, people just think you are crazy.......

Posted at 12:13pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

A lady I used to work with had the same problem. She had no choice but drive to work, she would get in the right lane and stay there all the way so she didn't have to change. People didn't really seem to understand how much driving scared her.

Posted at 12:17pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

Hello, everyone!

Posted at 12:20pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

Hello Twilight.

Posted at 12:30pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

Marking...I'll check in later!

Posted at 12:32pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

Creatit, wow, I can really relate to her. My family hasn't been really sympathetic about this and it took them years to understand. My daughter calls it "driving Miss Glenda" to this day. I have had 6 accidents, all trying to back up. So, now I have a sports car which is low to the ground and that bugs me too and a big old Hummmer that the lady "talks to me" when I am too close to whatever is behind me--and it beeps loudly. It has helped but I would never, ever try to drive at night.

So much for my personal "issues and problems", onward through the fog..................

Posted at 12:37pm Jan 26, 2009 EST

Happy Monday, Girls. Just checking in.

Posted at 12:51pm Jan 26, 2009 EST