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Original Post

...but i'm confused about what you are allowed to sell on etsy and what you're not. i read the guidelines and thought i understood. well, the more i browse/shop, the more questions i have. for example, i see some shops have things like painted wooden letters or little stools, etc listed. i do these too but didn't list them on etsy b/c i thought of this as buying something and embellishing it, which is not considered "hand made". Or is it? i am not trying to call out these shops - for the most part, i REALLY liked their stuff - and i'd be happy if these types of items qualify b/c then i have more that i can list. and what about stuff, like say a garage sale lamp, how does a person know if it can be called "vintage"? i just don't want to break the rules and have admin get mad at me. if you can shed light, please do.

Posted at 9:43am Jan 28, 2009 EST


Painted stools and such are allowed because you're handpainting them. Hence the "handmade/handaltered" part.

Posted at 9:44am Jan 28, 2009 EST

Yes, hand embellished or upcycled items are allowed here. :) So if you've altered it by hand you can list it. Vintage needs be to 20 years old (pre 1989) - if you're not sure you'd have to find out really.

Posted at 9:45am Jan 28, 2009 EST

kdbeadery says

What Karina said. If it's been altered it can be sold.

Posted at 9:45am Jan 28, 2009 EST

I read a thread a few weeks ago where a guy was buying glasses and then hand etching them and he was shut down. What's the difference between that and painting a bought item?

Posted at 9:47am Jan 28, 2009 EST

Vintage is defined as something that is 20 years old or older. IMHO, the items you described are hand crafted, as if you think about it, we don't make the supplies we use to create our art, but we put it together in the way that best expresses our creativity.

Posted at 9:47am Jan 28, 2009 EST

daisytoad says

a lot of vintage sellers take pride in the amount of research that goes into dating an item. selling vintage is not for the faint of heart! : )

Posted at 9:48am Jan 28, 2009 EST

UniqueNest says

Good, I've learned something new :)

Posted at 9:49am Jan 28, 2009 EST

cappabma1 says

So...in other words, if say I took an old vase and adhered glass mosaic to it, I could sell it here on Etsy

Posted at 9:49am Jan 28, 2009 EST

the items you described are hand crafted, as if you think about it, we don't make the supplies we use to create our art

What they are describing is not handcrafted, but hand altered. They are starting out with a glass and end up with a glass, just a decorated glass, (or wooden pieces, whatever the example was).

Whereas if say you make a dress. You are starting out with fabric, thread, buttons, etc. and turning them into a totally different item.

BTW, I wasn't saying hand altered isn't allowed, just pointing out the difference.

Posted at 9:51am Jan 28, 2009 EST