Foldforming for jewelers & metalsmiths...

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Original Post

Etsymetal member Cynthia recently started experimenting with this technique and shared her experiences with us. Check out this etsymetal blog post for info:

Has anyone else incorporated this technique into their work?

Posted at 10:31am Jan 28, 2009 EST


I hadn't heard of it before - very cool!

Posted at 10:38am Jan 28, 2009 EST

Check out this etsy seller: - she does fantastic form folding work.

Posted at 10:45am Jan 28, 2009 EST

stamp says

I read that review. It looks like a great book. I'm going to add a copy to my cart when I get Creative Stone Setting.

Posted at 10:45am Jan 28, 2009 EST

theuglydogranch says:
Check out this etsy seller: - she does fantastic form folding work.

Ah, yes...AgJewelryDesign just applied to Etsymetal in the January juries. I love her work!
This is fabulous

Posted at 10:48am Jan 28, 2009 EST

What I like most about her work is how meticulous she is about the form, polish and presentation.

Posted at 10:52am Jan 28, 2009 EST

I have for a long time. But I only list the simple folds here. It's a nice technique

Posted at 10:56am Jan 28, 2009 EST

This looks amazing, thank you for sharing this article. I also admire Charles Lewton-Brain's enamelled work.

Posted at 10:57am Jan 28, 2009 EST

I got the book for christmas, it looks great! going to wait til I have finished my metalsmithing class before I give it a try though.

Posted at 10:57am Jan 28, 2009 EST

Thanks for sharing this. I can't read now, but I will when I get home!

Posted at 10:59am Jan 28, 2009 EST