Disciples of Etsy - Oklahoma Street Team February 2009

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Original Post

saralynnmo says

Happy February, Everyone! Thank you, Brigid, for bringing energy and new ideas to the team. It is going to be a great year!

Don't forget to apply for Deluxe, OKC's awesome craft fair on May 9. Application deadline is March 1!

Street Team Page
Myspace Page
Yahoo Group
Flickr Group
IndiePublic Group

Posted at 9:35am Feb 1, 2009 EST


samann1121 says

Hello, February! Lookin' good!

Posted at 10:30am Feb 1, 2009 EST

I cant believe its February all ready!

Posted at 10:49am Feb 1, 2009 EST

GemsByEm says

Happy Sunday!

And I can't believe it's February either!

Posted at 11:11am Feb 1, 2009 EST

Welcome to Super Sunday!

Posted at 11:14am Feb 1, 2009 EST

Ahhh February such a lovely month.

Posted at 1:09pm Feb 1, 2009 EST

WOW something happening near me !!! I am in Yukon OK. I think I need an application !!

Posted at 1:14pm Feb 1, 2009 EST

Yes Dee, I have hearted your shop, lovely!!

Posted at 1:40pm Feb 1, 2009 EST

JDStar says

Hello February! You hold lots of Deluxe promise!

Posted at 5:11pm Feb 1, 2009 EST

JD-can I give you my app on Wednesday?

Posted at 6:05pm Feb 1, 2009 EST