For The Love of Bees! ~Beeswax Team fundraiser

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Original Post

During the month of February, the Beeswax Team will be donating 5% of proceeds to the "Save the Bees" research group.

The disappearance of bees on a global scale isn’t an issue to put under the carpet. Considering bees pollinate about 1/3 of everything we eat, when bees begin disappearing, we should do more than watch it happen if we want to protect our food sources.

Please come join us and show your love this Valentine's Day in an unconventional way!

View our team comic to read more info:

Shops participating:

(please see shop announcements for details)

Posted at 9:58am Feb 2, 2009 EST


More info on Colony Collapse Disorder here:

Posted at 10:39am Feb 2, 2009 EST

Come see what all the buzz is about!

Posted at 11:49am Feb 2, 2009 EST

newbyart says

Enjoy watching youtube?

Here are some videos on CCD you can't miss!

And our team's first podcast has been launched:

Posted at 12:33pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

Hi ...I just added more items from my shop for the Save the Bees Research. Do I have to do anything more or will the avatar on each listing do the trick. Thanks.. Caterina

Posted at 1:47pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

newbyart says

They won't be officially posted on the announcements, but people will come to your shop and look for the sale logo anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem. :)

Posted at 1:51pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

You're in the list above, SoulArte. And the shop announcement should do the trick, too.

Happy bee sale!

Posted at 2:00pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

willav says

Hi Bee and Wax Lovers! Buy an ever lasting floral bouquet for your loved one this Valentines Day. See my Floral encaustics on sale this month for The Love of the Bee!

Posted at 4:36pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

Wonderful. Thank you, I love the cartoon!

Posted at 8:29pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

kbean says

For the Love of the BEE sale is going on now! See first post for participating shops to support research that will help us save our precious honeybees!

Posted at 9:27pm Feb 2, 2009 EST