Official Creative Challenge #115

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Here's the rules. Anyone is allowed to participate, but please, only post new items that you have created for the challenge. You can either list them on Etsy or on Flickr.

This week's challenge is a one word challenge. We haven't done this kind of challenge in awhile. The word is Bugs. You can be literal or figurative. You can pick a certain bug or use the first thing that pops into your head when you say bug. The only creative rule to this is to think outside of the box and have fun.

A new challenge will not be posted until Monday, February 16th, though this is not a deadline and will be posted by CindyCreativeCrochet. If you are running behind, feel free to post an older challenge item in the newest challenge thread.

Posted at 11:30am Feb 2, 2009 EST


Anyone going to play? This is a fun one. Don't be scared. :)

Posted at 12:23pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

This will be a fun challenge!

Posted at 2:39pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

Sounds like fun.I have not been doing for a while will think and watch.

Posted at 2:54pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

I think it will be a lot of fun. There are so many possibilities. Now to decide on what to make.

Posted at 5:45pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

Bugs... Oh I can have fun with this one, HE HE!

Posted at 3:23pm Feb 3, 2009 EST

<---- Scared of BUGS! :)

Posted at 8:16pm Feb 3, 2009 EST

lol, Dawn! Perhaps this could help you get over your fear. Remember they aren't alive. Or, you could use that fear as your inspiration.

Posted at 11:16pm Feb 3, 2009 EST

birose says

Hey Dawn - how about Bugs Bug Me! Will have to see if I can do something with this one. Really want to get back into the challenges!


Posted at 2:35pm Feb 5, 2009 EST