Sneak Attack: Mon., Feb. 2nd; 7:00pm EST - that is TODAY!!!

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Original Post

Have you heard about the Sneak Attack?? Not sure what it is all about?? Well . . .

Here is the run down:
About three days a week at an appointed time, an Etsy shop with few or no sales is announced here -> so they can be attacked with a flurry of sales.

It is that simple and a great way to give a shop their first boost in sales. Besides the good feeling you get from helping out a fellow Etsian you get great product(s) in return!! It is a win/win thing to be a part of.

Today’s attack is at 7:00pm EST,. At that time, or any time after that (I believe the shop remains posted until midnight EST), go to , click on the shop, or shops, that are the victims of today’s attack find something you want to purchase and go from there. When you check out please add “Sneak Attack” to the notes to seller so the shop(s) know that your purchase is being made as part of the attack.

A convo is sent to the shop(s) just prior to the attack so they are aware of what is happening and are not alarmed by the sudden number of sales.

Everyone is welcome to participate and we encourage everyone to post to this thread throughout the day to help keep this bumped up so as many people as possible can see what this is all about.

OH and one more thing. While you are at this site -> be sure to sign up for the email notices about future attacks.

Posted at 3:47pm Feb 2, 2009 EST


GryWinther says


I will check in later...........:)

Posted at 3:49pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

It's Sneak attack day again! WooHoo!

Posted at 3:51pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

jswrites says

Oh, the anticipation! There have been so many wonderful Sneak Attacks - I guess it's too early to ask for hints about of the type of products, eh? ;-)

Posted at 3:53pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

No hints from me. . . .

Posted at 3:56pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

I'm here :)

Posted at 3:57pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

** waving hello to everyone that has checked **

Just three hours til the opening bell!!

Posted at 4:01pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

We might as well let them in on the secret paisley, the one where we don't know who the victim will be either!

Posted at 4:04pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

I think you just did VE ;-)

Posted at 4:04pm Feb 2, 2009 EST